Zookeeper Cast (film 2011)

Zookeeper Cast: “Zookeeper” is a delightful family comedy film that hit theaters in 2011. Directed by Frank Coraci, the film blends humor, heart, and a unique premise to create an entertaining experience for audiences of all ages. With a talented cast, an engaging plot, and impressive production values, “Zookeeper” delivers a mix of laughs and life lessons that make it a memorable cinematic offering.

Zookeeper Cast
Zookeeper Cast

Zookeeper Cast

“Zookeeper” boasts a star-studded cast that brings the film’s animal-centric story to life:

  • Kevin James as Griffin Keyes: The protagonist, Griffin, is the lovable and somewhat bumbling zookeeper who embarks on a journey of self-discovery.
  • Rosario Dawson as Kate: Kate is Griffin’s romantic interest and a dedicated zoo veterinarian who supports Griffin’s quest to win back the love of his life.
  • Leslie Bibb as Stephanie: Stephanie is Griffin’s ex-girlfriend, whose impending wedding prompts his quest for change.
  • Ken Jeong as Venom: Venom is a manic and quirky zookeeper colleague who adds a dose of humor to the film.
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Shane: Shane is Stephanie’s arrogant and competitive fiancé.
  • Joe Rogan as Gale: Gale is another zookeeper, who provides Griffin with some unconventional advice.
  • Nat Faxon as Dave Keyes, Griffin’s brother.
  • Steffiana de la Cruz as Robin Keyes
  • Thomas Gottschalk as Jürgen Mavroc
  • Brandon Keener as Nimer


  • Tom Woodruff, Jr. as Bernie (in-suit performer)
  • Bart the Bear 2 as Jerome
  • Crystal the Monkey as Donald
  • Honey Bump Bear as Bruce

Voice Cast of Zoo Animals:

  • Nick Nolte as Bernie, a Western lowland gorilla
  • Sylvester Stallone as Joe, a lion
  • Judd Apatow as Barry, an Indian elephant
  • Adam Sandler as Donald, a tufted capuchin
  • Cher as Janet, a lioness and Joe’s mate
  • Faizon Love as Bruce, a Kodiak bear
  • Jon Favreau as Jerome, a brown bear
  • Maya Rudolph as Mollie, a reticulated giraffe
  • Don Rickles as Jim, an American bullfrog
  • Bas Rutten as Sebastian, a wolf
  • Richie Minervini as Elmo, an ostrich
  • Jim Breuer as Spike, a crow

With such an ensemble, the film promises a blend of humor and heart from start to finish.

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Ultimately, “Zookeeper Cast” reminds us of the importance of being true to ourselves and embracing our unique qualities. It teaches us that sometimes, the most valuable advice can come from unexpected sources, even if those sources happen to be talking animals.

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