Tremors 4 Cast and Character Guide: (2004 film)

Tremors 4 Cast: “Tremors 4: The Legend Begins” is a 2004 American Western horror film directed by S.S. Wilson. It serves as a prequel to the popular “Tremors” franchise, shedding light on the origins of the gigantic subterranean creatures known as Graboids. This film transports viewers back to the late 1800s, immersing them in the wild and lawless landscape of the Old West while delivering the thrilling suspense and humor characteristic of the series.

Tremors 4 Cast
Tremors 4 Cast
Release dateJanuary 2, 2004
Duration1H 41M
CountryUnited States
Budget$5 million
DirectorS. S. Wilson
Screenplay byScott Buck
Story byBrent Maddock
S. S. Wilson
Nancy Roberts
Based onCharacters by S. S. Wilson
Brent Maddock
Ron Underwood
ProducerNancy Roberts
Star castMichael Gross
Sara Botsford
Brent Roam
Ming Lo
Lydia Look
Sam Ly
J. E. Freeman
August Schellenberg
Billy Drago
CinematographyVirgil L. Harper
EditorHarry B. Miller III
Music byJay Ferguson
Production companyStampede Entertainment
Distributed byUniversal Pictures Home Entertainment
Tremors 4 Cast

Tremors 4 Cast

The film boasts a talented ensemble cast that brings the Old West and its monstrous adversaries to life:

  • Michael Gross as Hiram Gummer – The great-grandfather of Burt Gummer, who later becomes a pivotal character in the Tremors series.
  • Sara Botsford as Christine Lord – A strong-willed and resourceful woman who plays a vital role in the battle against the Graboids.
  • Billy Drago as Black Hand Kelly – A notorious outlaw who, along with his gang, terrorizes the town of Rejection.
  • Brent Roam as Juan Pedilla – A skilled tracker and guide who assists Hiram Gummer and others in their fight against the Graboids.
  • August Schellenberg as Tecopa – The wise and mystical leader of a nearby Paiute tribe, who holds knowledge about the Graboids.
  • J. E. Freeman as Old Fred
  • Ming Lo as Pyong Lien Chang
  • Lydia Look as Lu Wan Chang
  • Neal Kopit as Víctor
  • Sam Ly as Fu Yien Chang
  • Sean Moram as Western Union Clerk
  • Matthew Seth Wilson as Brick Walters
  • John Dixon as Big Horse Johnson
  • Don Ruffin as Soggy
  • Dan Lemieux as Stony Walters
  • Lou Carlucci as Mine Foreman


Tremors 4: The Legend Begins unfolds in the late 1800s, introducing us to the remote mining town of Rejection, Nevada. The town’s livelihood depends on a silver mine that’s been thriving until a series of mysterious deaths occur. Miners are disappearing underground, prompting Hiram Gummer, a wealthy and eccentric entrepreneur, to arrive in Rejection. Gummer is armed with the latest in high-tech weaponry and is determined to eradicate the problem.

As it turns out, the town’s miners have unwittingly unearthed the dormant Graboids, massive subterranean worms with insatiable appetites for anything that moves. Hiram Gummer, Christine Lord, Juan Pedilla, and the townsfolk find themselves in a battle for survival against these relentless creatures.

The film takes viewers on a roller-coaster ride through the treacherous desert terrain as the townsfolk devise inventive and often comical methods to fend off the Graboids. Meanwhile, the notorious outlaw Black Hand Kelly and his gang add another layer of danger to the already perilous situation. The movie’s suspense is coupled with humor, as the characters navigate the chaos, often using improvised weapons and tactics.

With the guidance of Tecopa and the Paiute tribe, the townspeople learn more about the Graboids’ weaknesses and embark on a mission to exterminate the underground monsters. The climax of the film is a thrilling showdown between the desperate humans and the relentless Graboids.


Tremors 4: The Legend Begins marked a return to the franchise’s roots, both in terms of story and budget. Here are some key points regarding the film’s production:

Low Budget, High Creativity: The film had a significantly lower budget compared to its predecessors, requiring the filmmakers to rely on creativity and practical effects to bring the Graboids to life. This approach harkened back to the original “Tremors,” which also used practical effects.

Period Setting: The decision to set the film in the late 1800s added a unique dimension to the franchise. This choice allowed the filmmakers to explore the origins of Graboids and introduce new characters while maintaining the series’ signature mix of horror and humor.

Returning Cast: Michael Gross, who had appeared in all previous Tremors films, returned to reprise his role as a Gummer. His presence added continuity to the series and pleased longtime fans.

Practical Effects: The film’s practical effects, including miniatures and puppetry, received praise for their ability to create tension and fear without relying on CGI. This approach was in line with the original film’s philosophy.

Directorial Continuity: S.S. Wilson, who had co-written the original “Tremors” and directed “Tremors 2: Aftershocks,” returned to the director’s chair for this installment, ensuring a consistent tone with the earlier movies.

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Tremors 4: The Legend Begins provides an exciting and entertaining addition to the Tremors franchise, taking viewers on a journey back to the Old West to witness the birth of the iconic Graboids. While it may not have achieved the same level of critical acclaim or commercial success as its predecessors, the film successfully captures the essence of the series with its mix of horror, humor, and practical effects.

This prequel offers a fresh perspective on the Graboids’ origins while delivering the trademark Tremors experience. It’s a reminder that even with a limited budget, creative storytelling and a dedicated cast and crew can keep a beloved franchise alive and thriving. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, Tremors 4 Cast is a wild ride through the untamed landscape of the Old West, filled with monstrous surprises and laughter-inducing moments.

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