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The Shadow Riders Cast: The Shadow Rider is a 1982 Western film directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and produced by Alan Caillou. The film stars Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, and Dominique Dunne in prominent roles. Set in the backdrop of the Old West, this action-packed film tells the story of two brothers who embark on a dangerous journey to rescue their kidnapped sister. In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into the cast, plot, production, reception, and conclusion of “The Shadow Rider.”

The Shadow Rider Cast
The Shadow Rider Cast
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
Original networkCBS
Original releaseSeptember 28, 1982
Duration1H 36M
Based onThe Shadow Riders (novel) 1982 novel by Louis L’Amour
Screenplay byJim Byrnes
DirectorAndrew V. McLaglen
Star CastTom Selleck
Sam Elliott Dominique Dunne Katharine Ross
Theme music composerJerrold Immel
Executive producerJim Byrnes
ProducersJon C. Andersen (associate producer) Hugh Benson (supervising producer) Dennis Durney (producer) Verne Nobles (producer)
CinematographyJack Whitman
EditorBud Friedgen
Production companiesCBS Entertainment Production Columbia Pictures Television The Pegasus Group
The Shadow Riders Cast

The Shadow Riders Cast

Boasts an impressive ensemble cast, with each actor delivering memorable performances:

  • Tom Selleck as Mac Traven: Selleck portrays the charismatic and resourceful older brother, Mac Traven, who takes it upon himself to rescue his kidnapped sister.
  • Sam Elliott as Dal Traven: Sam Elliott plays Dal Traven, Mac’s rugged and loyal younger brother, who joins him in the perilous quest to rescue their sister.
  • Dominique Dunne as Sissy Traven: Dominique Dunne takes on the role of Evie Traven, the kidnapped sister whose abduction sets the plot into motion.
  • Katharine Ross as Kate Connery / Sister Katherine: Katharine Ross plays Kate, a strong-willed woman who becomes a key ally to the Traven brothers in their mission.
  • Ben Johnson as Uncle ‘Black Jack’ Traven, the stagecoach driver: Ben Johnson’s portrayal of Luther adds depth to the supporting cast, bringing both wisdom and humor to the film.
  • Geoffrey Lewis as Colonel Holiday: Lewis takes on the role of Colonel Holiday, a corrupt military officer whose actions drive the conflict in the story.
  • Jane Greer as Mrs. Durgom: Jane Greer’s character, Mrs. Durgom, adds a layer of intrigue to the plot as a woman with a hidden agenda.
  • Scanlon Gail as Yankee Officer
  • Geoffrey Lewis as Major Cooper Ashbury, Comanchero Leader
  • Jeff Osterhage as Jesse Traven
  • Gene Evans as Colonel Holiday Hammond, Gunrunner
  • R. G. Armstrong as Sheriff Miles Gillette
  • Marshall R. Teague as Lieutenant Butler
  • Ben Fuhrman as Devol
  • Jane Greer as Ma Traven
  • Harry Carey, Jr. as Pa Traven
  • Natalie May as Heather Traven
  • Jeannetta Arnette as Southern Belle
  • Owen Orr as Frank King, Kate’s Fiancee
  • Kristina David as Renfro Damsel
  • Joe Capone as Sergeant Ballock
  • Robert B. Craig as Laird


“The Shadow Rider” is a classic Western tale of family, justice, and revenge. The story unfolds as Mac and Dal Traven, two brothers living in the rugged and lawless Old West, receive news that their younger sister, Evie, has been kidnapped. Determined to rescue her, the brothers set out on a perilous journey across the harsh desert landscape.

Their quest for Evie’s freedom leads them to Kate, a resourceful woman who becomes their ally. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles, including treacherous terrain, hostile outlaws, and corrupt military officers. The brothers must rely on their wits, courage, and unbreakable bond to overcome these challenges.

As the Traven brothers get closer to their goal, they uncover a sinister plot involving Colonel Holiday, who has a personal vendetta against them. The film explores themes of family loyalty, honor, and the pursuit of justice as Mac and Dal inch closer to a dramatic showdown with their adversaries.


Filmed in 1982 and marked a collaboration between director Andrew V. McLaglen and actor Tom Selleck, who had previously worked together on the successful Western television series “The Sacketts.” The film was shot on location in the scenic landscapes of Arizona, which provided an authentic backdrop for the Old West setting.

The production team spared no expense in recreating the era’s ambiance, including period-accurate costumes, props, and sets. The attention to detail in capturing the rugged, untamed essence of the Old West is evident throughout the film.

One notable aspect of the film’s production is the chemistry between the lead actors, Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott. Their on-screen dynamic and the camaraderie they shared behind the scenes added authenticity and depth to the characters of Mac and Dal Traven.


Upon its release in 1982, “The Shadow Rider” received mixed reviews from critics. While the film was praised for its action sequences, strong performances from the cast, and the chemistry between Selleck and Elliott, some critics found fault in the film’s plot, which they considered formulaic for the Western genre.

Audience reception was generally more positive, with many viewers appreciating the film’s classic Western elements, including gunfights, horseback chases, and the exploration of themes such as family bonds and justice. Tom Selleck’s portrayal of the determined older brother resonated with audiences, as did Sam Elliott’s rugged and charismatic performance as Dal Traven.

Despite the mixed critical reception, “The Shadow Rider” found success as a TV movie and later gained a cult following among Western film enthusiasts.

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A classic Western film that, while not without its flaws, delivers a compelling story of family, loyalty, and justice in the unforgiving terrain of the Old West. The film’s standout performances by Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott, coupled with its authentic production values, contribute to its enduring appeal among fans of the genre.

While “The Shadow Riders Cast” may not have achieved the critical acclaim of some other Western classics, its action-packed plot, memorable characters, and evocative portrayal of the Wild West continue to make it a beloved entry in the genre. The film serves as a testament to the enduring popularity of Westerns and their ability to captivate audiences with tales of adventure, honor, and the indomitable spirit of the American frontier.

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