The Private Eye Cast and Character Guide (2024)

The Private Eye Cast: The Private Eye is a 2024 movie about a private investigator named Mort Madison. The movie is directed by Jack Cook and stars Matt Rife, Clare Grant, Elliot, and Denzel Whitaker. It is scheduled to be released in theaters nationwide in February 2024. 

The Private Eye Cast
The Private Eye Cast
GenreComedy, Mystery, Romance
Release dateFebruary 9, 2024
CountryUnited States
Directed byJack Cook
Writing byHope Ayiyi
Rosalinda Books
Jack Cook
Patrick Roe
Produced byHope Ayiyi
Stream Gardner
Star castMatt Rife
Clare Grant
Music byRyan Remington
Cinematography byRapha Bola
Editing byWayan Blue Palmieri
Cast of The Private Eye

The Private Eye Cast

  • Matt Rife; as Mort Madison
  • Clare Grant; as Michelle
  • Elliot; as David
  • Denzel Whitaker ; as Bradley
  • Eric Roberts; as Edmond
  • Lexy Panterra; as Sadie
  • Erik Griffin; as Crazy Carl
  • Eugenia Kuzmina; as Olga
  • Petri Hawkins Byrd; as Henry
  • Jay Reeves; as Stone
  • Cory Kirk
  • Jock McKissic
  • Josiah Jack Kalian; as Oz (as Jack Kalian)
  • Tim Dougherty; as Jedediah
  • Elijah Boothe; as Dee
  • Jared Brady; as Kaleb
  • JT Palmer
  • Alex Kagianaris
  • Mark W. Berry; as Dr. Bob Lum
  • Chip tha Ripper ; as Clive Campbell (as King Chip)

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