The Painter Cast and Character Guide (2023)

The Painter Cast: In the murky shadows of a past he tried to escape, a former CIA operative finds himself thrust back into a treacherous world. The tranquility of his post-agency life shatters when a figure from his enigmatic past, embodied by a mysterious woman, reemerges with a cryptic agenda. Unbeknownst to him, the reunion triggers a relentless pursuit by a cunning assassin and unleashes a rogue black ops program with its sights set on him.

Stripped of the safety he once knew, he must resurrect the skills he believed were left behind in order to survive the deadly game unraveling around him. As the lines blur between ally and adversary, he navigates a landscape of betrayal, espionage, and danger, drawing upon a lifetime of covert expertise to confront the ghosts that have come back to haunt him.

The Painter Cast
The Painter Cast
Release dateJanuary 5, 2024
Running time1H 40M
CountryUnited States
Directed byKimani Ray Smith
Screenplay byBrian Buccellato
Produced bySteven Paul
Star castCharlie Weber
Jon Voight
Marie Avgeropoulos
Max Montesi
Rryla McIntosh
Luisa D’Oliveira
CinematographyRyan Petey
Edited byTrevor Mirosh
Music byRich Walters
Production companySP Media Group
Distributed byRepublic Pictures
Cast of The Painter

The Painter Cast

  • Charlie Weber as Peter
  • Marie Avgeropoulos as Piasecki
  • Madison Bailey as Sophia
  • Luisa d’Oliveira as Agent Kim
  • Leah Gibson as Lucy
  • Jason Gray-Stanford as Niles
  • Rryla McIntosh as Elena
  • Max Montesi as Ghost
  • Simon Tattersall as Young Byrne
  • Jon Voight as Byrne

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