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The Jackal Cast: The Jackal is a 1997 crime thriller film directed by Michael Caton-Jones, inspired by the 1973 film “The Day of the Jackal” and the novel by Frederick Forsyth. The movie boasts a star-studded cast and a gripping plot that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. This article delves into the film’s cast, plot, production, reception, and provides a conclusion on its overall impact.

The Jackal Cast
The Jackal Cast
Release dateNovember 14, 1997
Duration2H 4M
CountryUnited States
Budget$60 million
Box office$159.3 million
DirectorMichael Caton-Jones
Screenplay byChuck Pfarrer
Story byChuck Pfarrer
Based onThe Day of the Jackalby Kenneth Ross
ProducersJames Jacks
Sean Daniel
Michael Caton-Jones
Kevin Jarre
Star castBruce Willis
Richard Gere
Sidney Poitier
Diane Venora
CinematographyKarl Walter Lindenlaub
EditorJim Clark
MusicCarter Burwell
Production companiesMutual Film Company
Alphaville Films
DistributorUniversal Pictures
Cast of The Jackal

The Jackal Cast

The film features an ensemble cast of talented actors who bring their characters to life with convincing performances:

  • Bruce Willis as The Jackal: Bruce Willis plays the titular character, a ruthless and elusive assassin hired to kill an important target.
  • Richard Gere as Declan Joseph Mulqueen: Richard Gere portrays Declan Mulqueen, a former IRA sniper who is enlisted by the FBI to help track down and stop The Jackal.
  • Sidney Poitier as FBI Deputy Director Carter Preston: Sidney Poitier takes on the role of Carter Preston, the FBI agent in charge of capturing The Jackal.
  • Diane Venora as Major Valentina Koslova, MVD: Diane Venora plays Major Valentina Koslova, a Russian intelligence officer who becomes entangled in the pursuit of The Jackal.
  • J.K. Simmons as FBI Agent Timothy I. Witherspoon: J.K. Simmons portrays Agent Witherspoon, who works closely with Preston to stop The Jackal.
  • Mathilda May as Isabella Celia Zancona: Mathilda May plays Isabella Zanconia, a love interest of The Jackal and a vital part of his plan.
  • Jack Black as Ian Lamont: Jack Black appears as Ian Lamont, a gun enthusiast who unwittingly becomes involved in The Jackal’s scheme.
  • Richard Lineback as FBI Agent McMurphy
  • John Cunningham as FBI Director Donald Brown
  • Tess Harper as First Lady Emily Cowan
  • Stephen Spinella as Douglas
  • Leslie Phillips as Woolburton
  • David Hayman as Terek Murad
  • Sophie Okonedo as Jamaican Girl
  • Steve Bassett as George Decker
  • Ravil Isyanov as Ghazzi Murad
  • Yuri Stepanov as Viktor Politovsky
  • Maggie Castle as Maggie
  • Walt MacPherson as Dennehey
  • Daniel Dae Kim as Akashi
  • Michael Caton-Jones as man in Video
  • Peter Sullivan as Vasilov
  • Serge Houde as Beaufres
  • Richard Cubison as General Belinko
  • Ewan Bailey as Prison Guard
  • Jonathan Aris as Alexander Radzinski
  • Larry King as himself
  • Edward Fine as Bill Smith
  • Murphy Guyer as NSC representative


Revolves around the pursuit of a cunning and highly skilled assassin known only as “The Jackal.” Hired by an underground organization to eliminate a high-profile target, he becomes the target of an international manhunt led by the FBI. The film’s plot can be summarized in the following key points:

The film opens with the assassination of a prominent American military officer by The Jackal, demonstrating his deadly efficiency.
The U.S. government learns of The Jackal’s existence and hires former IRA sniper Declan Mulqueen to assist in capturing him.
FBI Deputy Director Carter Preston assigns Mulqueen to work alongside the FBI team, and they embark on a race against time to stop The Jackal.
The Jackal plans a high-profile assassination in Washington, D.C., which could have devastating consequences for the United States.
As the pursuit intensifies, Major Valentina Koslova, a Russian intelligence officer, joins the investigation, further complicating matters.
The film culminates in a thrilling showdown between The Jackal and the law enforcement agencies, with high stakes and a shocking climax.

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“The Jackal” was a notable production in its time, with a budget estimated at around $60 million. The film’s production featured meticulous attention to detail, especially in crafting suspenseful action sequences and creating an authentic espionage atmosphere. Some key aspects of the production include:

Director Michael Caton-Jones brought his vision to life, emphasizing the cat-and-mouse chase between The Jackal and the law enforcement agencies.
The film showcased impressive locations, including Washington, D.C., Moscow, and various European cities, adding to its global espionage vibe.
Bruce Willis underwent a physical transformation for his role, adopting various disguises and accents to portray The Jackal convincingly.
The film’s gunplay and action sequences were meticulously choreographed to create tension and excitement.


The Jackal Cast” (1997) remains a notable entry in the crime thriller genre, largely due to its talented cast and intense action sequences. While the film may not have achieved widespread critical acclaim, it has found a lasting place in the hearts of action movie fans. With its gripping plot, international backdrop, and memorable performances, “The Jackal” continues to be a thrilling cinematic experience for those seeking high-octane suspense and intrigue.

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