The Cello Cast and Character Guide (2023)

The Cello Cast: In the chilling depths of Saudi Arabian cinema, director Darren Lynn Bousman brings forth “The Cello,” a harrowing 2023 horror film that strings together terror and melody. Penned by the talented Turki Al Alshikh, the screenplay draws inspiration from Alshikh’s own novel, weaving a tale of malevolence and discord. The stellar cast, featuring Jeremy Irons, Samer Ismail, Elham Ali, Souad Abdullah, Tobin Bell, and Muhannad Al Hamdi, lends their talents to a symphony of fear.

The haunting narrative unfolds around an ambitious cellist whose dreams take a dark turn when he comes into possession of a malevolent cello. As the ominous instrument infiltrates his life, an otherworldly malevolence is unleashed, casting a shadow of dread over his every move.

The cinematic masterpiece known as “The Cello” underwent meticulous production in late 2021, culminating in a spine-chilling premiere at Boulevard Riyadh City on September 8, 2023. The film’s gripping tale resonated beyond Saudi borders, reaching audiences in the United Arab Emirates on September 14, 2023.

Prepare to be enthralled as “The Cello” strikes a haunting chord, immersing audiences in a world where music and horror converge, leaving a lingering resonance that transcends the screen.

The Cello Cast
The Cello Cast
Release datesSeptember 8, 2023 (The Boulevard)
September 14, 2023 (United Arab Emirates)
CountrySaudi Arabia
Box office$5,314
Directed byDarren Lynn Bousman
Written byTurki Al Alshikh
Based onCelloby Turki Al Alshikh
Produced byLee Nelson
Star castJeremy Irons
Samer Ismail
Elham Ali
Souad Abdullah
Tobin Bell
Muhannad Al Hamdi
CinematographyMaxime Alexandre
Edited byHarvey Rosenstock
Zeborah Tidwell
Music byJoseph Bishara
Production companiesAlamiya
Envision Media Arts
Distributed byRozam Media
Cast of The Cello

The Cello Cast

  • Jeremy Irons; as Francesco
  • Tobin Bell; as Vincent
  • Samer Ismail; as Nasser
  • Elham Ali;i as Alia
  • Mila Al Zahrani; as Sarah
  • Souad Abdullah; as Haya Latif
  • Muhannad Al Hamdi; as Omar
  • Baraa Alem; as Hamza
  • Ghassan Massoud; as Saleh Latif
  • ChloĆ© Henry; as Maria

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