The Brothers Sun Cast 2024 TV series (with image)

The Brothers Sun Cast: The Brothers Sun, a dynamic creation by the brilliant minds of Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu, has burst onto the television scene, bringing with it a thrilling blend of action, comedy, and drama. Premiering on January 4, 2024, exclusively on Netflix, this captivating series promises to be a rollercoaster ride of entertainment. With an innovative mix of genres, The Brothers Sun invites viewers to embark on a journey filled with laughter, suspense, and heartwarming moments, making it a must-watch for fans seeking a fresh and exhilarating television experience.

The Brothers Sun Cast
The Brothers Sun Cast
Comedy drama
Country of originUnited States
Original languagesEnglish Mandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8
Running time47–69 minutes
ReleaseJanuary 4, 2024
Created byByron Wu & Brad Falchuk
Star CastMichelle Yeoh
Justin Chien
Sam Song Li
Joon Lee
Highdee Kuan
Music byNathan Matthew David
Nick Lee
Executive producersBrad Falchuk
Byron Wu
Kevin Tancharoen
Mikkel Bondesen
ProducersJohn H. Radulovic
Kim M. Cybulski
CinematographyC. Kim Miles Andrew Mitchell
EditorsMark Strand
Ryan Chan
Evita Yuepu Zhou
Production companyBrad Falchuk Teley-Vision
Cast of The Brothers Sun

The Brothers Sun Cast

  • Michelle Yeoh; as Eileen “Mama” Sun
  • Justin Chien; as Charles Sun, Eileen’s eldest son
  • Sam Song Li; as Bruce Sun, Eileen’s younger son
  • Joon Lee; as TK Lee,
  • Highdee Kuan; as Alexis Kong


  • Alice Hewkin; as twin sisters June and May Song
  • Jenny Yang; as Xing
  • Johnny Kou; as Big Sun
  • Jon Xue Zhang; as Blood Boots
  • Zhan Wang; as Yuan
  • Madison Hu; as Grace
  • Rodney To; as Detective Mark Rizal
  • Ron Yuan; as Frank Ma

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