The Animal Cast (2001 film)

The Animal Cast: The Animal is a 2001 comedy film directed by Luke Greenfield, known for his work in the comedy genre. The film stars Rob Schneider, who plays the lead character, Marvin Mange, in a story that combines humor, romance, and a touch of the bizarre. This article explores the film’s cast, plot, production, reception, and concludes with an analysis of its lasting impact.

The Animal Cast
The Animal Cast
Release dateJune 1, 2001
Duration1h 23m
CountryUnited States
Budget$47 million
Box office$84.7 million
DirectorLuke Greenfield
Screenplay byTom Brady
Rob Schneider
Story byTom Brady
ProducersBarry Bernardi
Carr D’Angelo
Todd Garner
Star cast Rob Schneider
Colleen Haskell
John C. McGinley
Guy Torry
Edward Asner
CinematographyPeter Lyons Colliste
EditerJeff Gourson
MusicTeddy Castellucci
Production companiesColumbia Pictures Revolution Studios Happy Madison Productions
DistributorSony Pictures Releasing
The Animal Cast

The Animal Cast

  • Rob Schneider as Marvin Mange: The protagonist of the film, Marvin is a timid and socially awkward man who, after a near-fatal accident, becomes the beneficiary of bizarre animal transplants that give him incredible physical abilities.
  • Colleen Haskell as Rianna “Hummingbird” Holmes: Rianna is a compassionate and animal-loving woman who forms a romantic connection with Marvin. She plays a pivotal role in the film as Marvin’s love interest.
  • John C. McGinley as Sgt. Sisk: Sgt. Sisk is a no-nonsense police officer who believes in Marvin’s unique abilities and encourages him to use them to fight crime.
  • Edward Asner as Chief Marion Wilson: Chief Wilson is Marvin’s boss at the police department, who becomes increasingly exasperated with Marvin’s antics.
  • Michael Caton as Dr. Wilder: Dr. Wilder is the eccentric scientist responsible for the experimental animal transplants that transform Marvin into “The Animal.”
  • Guy Torry as Miles
  • Louis Lombardi as Fatty
  • Bob Rubin as Bob Harris
  • Pilar Schneider as Mrs. De La Rosa
  • Scott Wilson as the unnamed Mayor of Elkerton
  • Michael Papajohn as Patrolman Brady
  • Ron RoggĂ© as Patrolman Jaworski
  • Sebastian Jude as a lost boy
  • Raymond Ma as Mr. Tam
  • Philip Daniel Bolden, Deker Daily
  • Tim Herzog as Badger Milk Host
  • Berglind Icey as Yolanda
  • Raymond Ma as Mr. Tam
  • Norm Macdonald as a Mob Member
  • Bret Smrz as the Mayor of Elkerton’s son
  • Adam Sandler as a Townie
  • Bliss as Nelly the Goat
  • Pete as Dimples the Dog
  • Louey as Henry the Orangutan
  • Cloris Leachman as Cat Lady (uncredited)
  • Harry Dean Stanton as Hunter (uncredited)


Marvin Mange, an unassuming and socially inept police evidence clerk, dreams of becoming a police officer but is physically unfit and often the butt of his colleagues’ jokes. His life takes a bizarre turn when he is involved in a life-threatening car accident while trying to save a pet ferret. Dr. Wilder, an eccentric scientist, rescues him and saves his life by transplanting various animal organs into his body.

Marvin awakens with newfound animal-like instincts and physical abilities, such as superhuman strength, speed, and agility. He begins using these newfound skills to excel in his work and assist the police department in solving crimes. However, his behavior becomes increasingly animalistic, leading to hilarious and outrageous situations.

During his adventures, Marvin meets Rianna, an animal lover who is drawn to his kind-hearted nature. They develop a romantic relationship, which is tested by Marvin’s animalistic tendencies and his secret transformation. As he becomes more deeply involved in crime-fighting, Marvin faces a moral dilemma about whether to continue using his abilities for good or succumb to his animal instincts.

The climax of the film involves Marvin’s confrontation with a group of criminals, showcasing his animal-like prowess. Ultimately, Marvin must decide whether to embrace his newfound abilities, reconcile with his love for Rianna, and find his place in the world as “The Animal.”

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“The Animal” was produced by Revolution Studios and Columbia Pictures and had a budget of approximately $47 million. Luke Greenfield, known for his work in the comedy genre, directed the film. Rob Schneider, who had established himself as a comedic actor through his roles in films like “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” and “The Waterboy,” was chosen as the lead.

The film’s production involved a mix of practical effects and CGI to bring Marvin’s animalistic abilities to life. This included stunts, prosthetic makeup, and CGI-enhanced action sequences to create the illusion of Marvin’s superhuman feats.


Upon its release in 2001, “The Animal” received mixed reviews from critics. The film’s slapstick humor and over-the-top physical comedy appealed to some, while others found it juvenile and predictable. It achieved a score of approximately 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, with many critics acknowledging its absurdity but ultimately considering it a forgettable comedy.

Despite the critical reception, “The Animal” found success at the box office, grossing over $84 million worldwide. The film’s financial success can be attributed to its broad appeal to audiences seeking light-hearted, escapist comedy.

Over the years, “The Animal” has gained a cult following among fans of Rob Schneider and slapstick humor. It has been praised for its memorable physical comedy and Schneider’s committed performance as Marvin, a character torn between his human and animal instincts. While it may not be considered a comedic masterpiece, it has secured its place in the realm of entertaining and absurd comedies.


A comedy film that offers a unique blend of humor, romance, and absurdity. Rob Schneider’s portrayal of Marvin Mange, a man transformed by animal transplants, provides ample opportunities for physical comedy and comedic situations. While the film received mixed critical reviews upon its release, it found success at the box office and has since gained a cult following.

Despite its juvenile humor and predictability, “The Animal Cast” has endured as a memorable comedy that showcases Schneider’s comedic talent and commitment to his role. It remains a fun and entertaining film for those who appreciate slapstick humor and are willing to suspend disbelief for the sake of outrageous comedy. Ultimately, “The Animal” is a testament to the enduring appeal of comedy that embraces the bizarre and the absurd.

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