Cast of Society of the Snow 2023 film (All Characters and with image)

Cast of Society of the Snow: “Society of the Snow,” the gripping 2023 survival thriller directed by J. A. Bayona, delves into the harrowing events of the Uruguayan 1972 Andes flight disaster. Adapted from Pablo Vierci’s compelling book of the same name, which chronicles the experiences of all 16 survivors, many of whom share a childhood connection with Vierci himself. The film features a cast predominantly comprised of talented Uruguayan and Argentine newcomers.

Earning the honor of closing the 80th Venice International Film Festival in an Out of Competition slot, “Society of the Snow” is set to hit theaters in Uruguay on December 13, 2023, followed by a release in Spain on December 15, 2023. The global audience can catch this riveting tale on Netflix starting January 4, 2024. As a testament to its excellence, the film has been chosen as the Spanish entry for the Best International Feature Film category at the 96th Academy Awards. Brace yourself for an emotionally charged and suspenseful journey as “Society of the Snow” unfolds the remarkable survival saga of those who faced the unimaginable.

Cast of Society of the Snow
Cast of Society of the Snow
Spanish La sociedad de la nieve
Release dates9 September 2023 (Venice)
13 December 2023 (Uruguay)15 December 2023 (Spain)
Running time2H 24M
Directed byJ. A. Bayona
Screenplay byJ. A. Bayona
Bernat Vilaplana
Jaime Marques
Nicolás Casariego
Based onLa sociedad de la nieveby Pablo Vierci
Produced byBelén Atienza
Sandra Hermida
J. A. Bayona
Star castMatías Recalt
Agustín Pardella
Felipe González Otaño
Luciano Chatton
Valentino Alonso
Francisco Romero
Agustín Berruti
Andy Pruss
Simón Hempe
Juan Caruso
Esteban Bigliardi
Rocco Posca
Esteban Kukuriczka
Rafael Federman
Agustín Della Corte
Tomas Wolf
CinematographyPedro Luque
Edited byJaume Martí
Music byMichael Giacchino
Production companiesMisión de Audaces Films
El Arriero Films
Distributed byNetflix
Cast of Society of the Snow

Cast of Society of the Snow

  • Enzo Vogrincic Roldán; as Numa Turcatti
  • Matías Recalt; as Roberto Canessa
  • Agustín Pardella; as Nando Parrado
  • Tomas Wolf; as Gustavo Zerbino
  • Diego Vegezzi; as Marcelo Pérez del Castillo
  • Esteban Kukuriczka; as Adolfo “Fito” Strauch
  • Francisco Romero; as Daniel Fernández Strauch
  • Rafael Federman; as Eduardo Strauch
  • Felipe González Otaño; as Carlitos Páez
  • Agustín Della Corte; as Antonio “Tintín” Vizintín
  • Valentino Alonso; as Alfredo “Pancho” Delgado
  • Simón Hempe; as José Luis “Coche” Inciarte
  • Fernando Contigiani García; as Arturo Nogueira
  • Benjamín Segura; as Rafael “el Vasco” Echavarren
  • Rocco Posca; as Ramón “Moncho” Sabella
  • Luciano Chatton; as Pedro Algorta
  • Agustín Berruti; as Bobby François
  • Juan Caruso; as Álvaro Mangino
  • Andy Pruss; as Roy Harley
  • Santiago Vaca Narvaja; as Daniel Maspons
  • Esteban Bigliardi; as Javier Methol
  • Paula Baldini; as Liliana Methol
  • Federico Aznarez; as Enrique Platero
  • Alfonsina Carrocio; as Susana Parrado
  • Silvia Giselle Pereyra; as Eugenia Parrado
  • Virginia Kaufmann; as Esther Nicola
  • Felipe Ramusio; as Diego Storm
  • Blas Polidori; as Gustavo Nicolich
  • Emanuel Parga; as Carlos Roque
  • Iair Said; as Julio César Ferradas
  • Louta; as Gastón Costemalle
  • Carlos “Carlitos” Páez; as his father, Carlos Páez Vilaró

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