SeaChange Cast and Character Guide: (TV Series 1998)

SeaChange Cast: SeaChange is an Australian television series that first premiered in 1998. Created by Andrew Knight and Deborah Cox, the show quickly became a beloved classic in Australian television history. Set in the fictional coastal town of Pearl Bay, the series is known for its heartwarming storytelling, quirky characters, and its exploration of the theme of second chances. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the series, including its cast, plot, production, reception, and a conclusion on its enduring legacy.

SeaChange Cast
SeaChange Cast
Country of originAustralia
Original languageEnglish
No. of series4
No. of episode47 (List of episodes)
Original networkABC (1998–2000) Nine Network (2019)
Original releaseOriginal run: 10 May 1998 – 25 November 2000
Revival: 6 August 2019 – 24 September 2019
CreatorsAndrew Knight
Deborah Cox
WritersAndrew Knight
Deborah Cox
Doug MacLeod
Margaret Kelly
Max Dann
Elizabeth Coleman
Luke Devenish
Star castSigrid Thornton
David Wenham
William McInnes
Kevin Harrington
John Howard
Tom Long
Kerry Armstrong
ComposerRichard Pleasance
Executive producersSue Masters (ABC)
Andrew Knight
ProducerSally Ayre-Smith
EditorChris Branagan
Production companiesArtist Services (1998-2000) ITV Studios Australia (2019) Every Cloud Productions (2019)
SeaChange Cast

SeaChange Cast


Boasts a talented ensemble cast that brought the fictional town of Pearl Bay to life. Some of the key cast members include:

  • Sigrid Thornton as Laura Gibson: Sigrid Thornton plays the lead role of Laura Gibson, a corporate lawyer who moves to Pearl Bay after discovering her husband’s infidelity. Her character’s journey is central to the show’s narrative as she transitions from a high-powered city career to a small coastal town.
  • David Wenham as Daniel Della Bosca (‘Diver Dan’) (Season 1-2): David Wenham portrays Diver Dan, a local fisherman and one of the show’s most iconic characters. Dan becomes a love interest for Laura, and his laid-back charm contrasts with her more uptight personality.
  • Kerry Armstrong as Heather Jelly: Kerry Armstrong plays Heather Jelly, a local environmental activist and friend to Laura. Her character adds humor and depth to the series as she champions various causes in Pearl Bay.
  • John Howard as Bob Jelly: John Howard is cast as Bob Jelly, the town’s scheming and often bumbling mayor. His constant attempts to profit from Pearl Bay’s development projects create numerous conflicts and comedic moments throughout the series.
  • Tom Long as Angus Kabiri (Season 1-3): Tom Long takes on the role of Angus Kabiri, a local police officer with a penchant for unusual hobbies. Angus provides a unique perspective on law enforcement in Pearl Bay.
  • William McInnes as Max Connors: William McInnes portrays Max Connors, a journalist who arrives in Pearl Bay to cover its quirky stories. Max’s interactions with the town’s residents and his budding romance with Laura add an extra layer of intrigue.
  • Cassandra Magrath as Miranda Gibson (Season 1-3)
  • Kevin Harrington as Kevin Findlay
  • Kate Atkinson as Karen Miller (Season 1-3)
  • Brooke Satchwell as Miranda Gibson (Season 4)
  • Dan Wyllie as Ben Russo (Season 4)
  • Darren McMullen as Findlay Knox (Season 4)
  • Katrina Milosevic as Sergeant Anna Kazan (Season 4)
  • Kate Lister as Lillian Liano (Season 4)
  • Alex Tarrant as Zac Bell (Season 4)
  • Wayne Blair as Riley Bolt (Season 4)
  • Kamil Ellis as Stone Bolt (Season 4)


  • Bruce Alexander as Sergeant Graham Grey (Season 1-3)
  • Jill Forster as Meredith Monahan (Season 1-3)
  • Alan Cassell as Harold Fitzwalter (Season 1-3)
  • Paul English as Jack Gibson (Season 1)
  • Patrick Dickson as Jack Gibson (Season 2-3)
  • Alice Garner as Carmen ‘Lois Lane’ Blake (Season 1-3)
  • Kane McNay as Rupert Gibson (Season 1-3)
  • Christopher Lyons as Trevor Findlay (Season 1-3)
  • Georgina Naidu as Phrani Gupta
  • Cameron Nugent as Craig Jelly (Season 1-3)
  • Bryony Price as Jules Jelly (Season 1-3)
  • Emily Wiseman as Jules Jelly (Season 4)
  • Brett Swain as Griff (Season 1-3)
  • Ella Newton as Stella Connors (Season 4)


The central plot of “SeaChange” revolves around Laura Gibson’s decision to leave her high-powered legal career in Melbourne and move to Pearl Bay after discovering her husband’s infidelity. She takes on the role of magistrate in this small coastal town, where the legal matters are often far less straightforward than what she’s used to.

The series explores Laura’s personal growth and her interactions with the colorful residents of Pearl Bay. She navigates her complicated relationship with Diver Dan and becomes involved in the town’s various quirky issues, from environmental activism to eccentric local customs.

Throughout the show, Laura faces challenges both in her professional life as a magistrate and in her personal life as she tries to find happiness and a sense of belonging in Pearl Bay. The town’s idiosyncratic inhabitants often lead to humorous and heartwarming moments as Laura adapts to her new life.

As the series progresses, viewers witness the development of various subplots involving other key characters, including Bob Jelly’s schemes, Heather Jelly’s environmental efforts, and Max Connors’ investigative journalism. These subplots contribute to the show’s rich tapestry of storytelling.


Produced by Artist Services, an Australian production company, and aired on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The series was primarily filmed on location in the picturesque coastal town of Barwon Heads, Victoria, which served as the backdrop for the fictional Pearl Bay.

The show’s creators, Andrew Knight and Deb Cox, envisioned “SeaChange” as a character-driven drama with a touch of comedy. The picturesque coastal setting played a significant role in the show’s appeal, and the production team made effective use of the stunning landscapes to create a visually captivating series.

“SeaChange” was praised for its witty writing and the chemistry among the cast members. It successfully captured the essence of small-town life while addressing universal themes of love, belonging, and second chances. The show’s production values, including its attention to detail in creating the fictional town of Pearl Bay, contributed to its authenticity.

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Remains a timeless classic in Australian television, known for its endearing characters, captivating coastal setting, and thoughtful storytelling. The show’s enduring legacy lies in its ability to capture the essence of small-town life while exploring universal themes of second chances and personal growth.

With a talented cast, strong production values, and a perfect blend of drama and comedy, “SeaChange” continues to be cherished by both new and longtime fans. Its ability to tackle important social issues with humor and heart ensures its relevance even years after its initial airing.

For those who have yet to experience the magic of “SeaChange Cast,” it offers a delightful journey to a coastal paradise where quirky characters and heartfelt moments abound, making it a must-watch for any television enthusiast.

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