Saltburn Cast 2023 film (with image)

Saltburn Cast: In the twisted realm of Saltburn, Emerald Fennell takes audiences on a darkly comedic and psychologically thrilling journey in her 2023 film masterpiece. Penned, directed, and co-produced by Fennell herself, the movie boasts a stellar cast featuring Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi, Rosamund Pike, Richard E. Grant, Alison Oliver, Archie Madekwe, and Carey Mulligan. Set against the backdrop of England in the mid-2000s, the narrative unfolds around an Oxford University student whose fixation on a wealthy peer propels him into a surreal summer at the enigmatic family estate.

Debuting at the prestigious 50th Telluride Film Festival on August 31, 2023, Saltburn captivated audiences with its enigmatic storyline and intricate characters. The film made its theatrical debut in the United Kingdom on November 17, 2023, followed by a limited release in the United States the same day, and a wider release on November 22. Critics lauded the film for its unsettling charm, earning it generally positive reviews.

The 81st Golden Globe Awards acknowledged the outstanding performances of Barry Keoghan and Rosamund Pike, both of whom received well-deserved nominations for their compelling portrayals in this gripping cinematic exploration. Saltburn stands as a testament to Fennell’s storytelling prowess, leaving audiences captivated and haunted by the lingering echoes of its darkly humorous and psychologically charged narrative.

Saltburn Cast
Saltburn Cast
Release dates31 August 2023 (Telluride)
17 November 2023 (United Kingdom and United States)
Running time2H 11M
CountriesUnited Kingdom
United States
Box office$21.4 million
Directed byEmerald Fennell
Written byEmerald Fennell
Produced byEmerald Fennell
Josey McNamara
Margot Robbie
Star CastBarry Keoghan
Jacob Elordi
Rosamund Pike
Richard E. Grant
Alison Oliver
Archie Madekwe
CinematographyLinus Sandgren
Edited byVictoria Boydell
Music byAnthony Willisygv
Production companiesMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Lie Still
LuckyChap Entertainment
Distributed byAmazon MGM Studios (United States)
Cast of Saltburn

Saltburn Cast

  • Barry Keoghan; as Oliver Quick
  • Jacob Elordi; as Felix Catton
  • Rosamund Pike; as Lady Elspeth Catton, Felix’s mother
  • Richard E. Grant; as Sir James Catton, Felix’s father
  • Alison Oliver; as Venetia Catton, Felix’s sister
  • Archie Madekwe; as Farleigh Start, Felix’s cousin
  • Carey Mulligan; as “Poor Dear” Pamela, Elspeth’s friend
  • Paul Rhys; as Duncan, Saltburn’s butler
  • Ewan Mitchell; as Michael Gavey, Oliver’s schoolmate
  • Lolly Adefope; as Lady Daphne
  • Sadie Soverall; as Annabel
  • Millie Kent; as India
  • Reece Shearsmith; as Professor Ware

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