Saints and Sinners Cast and Character Guide: (TV series 2016)

Saints and Sinners Cast: “Saints & Sinners” is a compelling American television drama series that premiered in 2016. Created by Ty Scott and Ri-Karlo Handy, this series quickly gained attention for its intriguing mix of crime, corruption, and morality within a Southern Baptist community. Over the course of its run, “Saints & Sinners” amassed a dedicated fanbase and earned praise for its complex characters and gripping narrative. In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into the show’s cast, plot, production, reception, and draw a conclusion about its impact on television.

Saints and Sinners Cast
Saints and Sinners Cast

Saints and Sinners Cast

The show’s cast plays a pivotal role in bringing the fictional town of Cypress, Georgia, to life. Boasts a talented ensemble cast that includes:


  • Vanessa Bell Calloway as Lady Ella Johnson: The strong-willed and morally ambiguous matriarch of the Greater Hope Baptist Church.
  • Clifton Powell as Rex Fisher: The cunning and ruthless business mogul who clashes with the church.
  • Christian Keyes as Levi Sterling (Season 1–3; Guest, Season 4–6): A former criminal trying to turn his life around but gets pulled back into the town’s dark secrets.
  • Keith Robinson as Miles Calloway: A talented attorney entangled in the drama surrounding the church and the town.
  • Jasmine Burke as Dr. Christie Johnson: The daughter of Lady Ella, whose professional success contrasts with her family’s turmoil.
  • J. D. Williams as Jabari Morris: A key figure in the town’s criminal activities.
  • Tray Chaney as Kendrick Murphy: A street-savvy character with his own agenda.
  • Gloria Reuben as the Mayor Pamela Clayborne (Seasons 1, 2): A politician with her eye on the town’s development.
  • Afemo Omilami as Detective Noah St. Charles: The law enforcement officer trying to unravel Cypress’s mysteries.
  • David Banner — Pastor Darryl Greene, a pastor at Ella’s church
  • Demetria McKinney (Season 1–4) and Ashani Roberts (Season 5–6) — Tamara Austin/Tamara Austin Callaway, Miles wife and rival of Ella and Christie
  • Lisa Arrindell — Rebecca Jourdan
  • Emilio Rivera Officer Francisco Cooper, a Cypress police officer
  • Donna Biscoe Lady Leona Byrd

The diverse and talented cast brought depth and authenticity to their characters, contributing to the show’s success.


  • Dawn Halfkenny Angela Parks
  • Jonny Hazen Vice Det. Mario Rodriguez
  • Chris Gann — Travis Ford
  • Kendrick Cross Ben Truman
  • Sarafina King Rachel
  • Tony Vaughn Vernon
  • Maria Howell — Lt. Hawkins
  • Richard Lawson Pastor Evan Johnson, Ella’s husband and Christie’s father
  • Jeff Rose — Chief Herman Douglas
  • Summer Parker Savannah Sterling
  • Neil Carter — Maxwell Wallace
  • Chelle Ramos — Detective Josephine Alvarez
  • Karlie Redd — Paige Morris, Jabari’s wife
  • Jevon “Vawn” Sims T.K.
  • Mara Hall — Caledonia Kendall
  • Dorothy Steel — Mother Harris
  • L. Warren Young Zeke
  • Robin Givens Wilhelmina Hayworth
  • Keke Wyatt — Lady Azia Greene
  • Kaye Singleton Josie
  • Anthony Dalton (Season 3) and Karon Riley (Season 4–5) as Malik Thompson
  • Patrice Fisher Stacia Cunningham (Season 2–5) & Anna (Season 6)
  • Gregalan Willams (Season 5) Victor Thompson
  • Tami Roman (Season 4) and Lisa Wu (Season 5) Felicia Thompson
  • Michael Anthony (Season 6) Ray Ray

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In conclusion, “Saints and Sinners Cast” (2016 TV Series) made its mark in the television landscape by blending elements of crime, faith, and morality within the context of a Southern Baptist community. The talented ensemble cast brought depth to their characters, and the series’ intricate plotlines kept viewers engaged throughout its run.

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