Puss in Boots The Three Diablos Cast and Character Guide: (2012)

Puss in Boots The Three Diablos Cast: “Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos” is a 2012 animated short film directed by Raman Hui, produced by DreamWorks Animation, and distributed by Paramount Pictures. This film is a spin-off of the beloved “Shrek” franchise and features the fan-favorite character Puss in Boots as the central character. Clocking in at just over 13 minutes, this short film packs a punch with its humor, action, and memorable characters. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into various aspects of the film, including its cast, plot, production, reception, and conclusion.

Puss in Boots The Three Diablos Cast
Puss in Boots The Three Diablos Cast

Puss in Boots The Three Diablos Cast

The cast of “Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos” includes talented voice actors who bring the characters to life:

  • Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots: The swashbuckling, suave, and charismatic feline hero, Puss in Boots is on a mission to recover stolen treasure.
  • Chris Miller as Food Prisoner: Chris Miller returns to voice the Food Prisoner, which play a crucial role in the story.
  • Gilles Marini as Captain of the Guard / Paolo the Squire: Gilles Marini voices the Captain of the Guard, a cunning and enigmatic character who steals a valuable treasure from Puss in Boots.
  • Charlotte Newhouse as Princess Alessandra Bellagamba: Charlotte Newhouse provides the voice for the adorable Princess Alessandra Bellagamba, one of the Three Diablos.
  • Walt Dohrn as Water Prisoner
  • Bret Marnell as Toilet Paper Prisoner
  • Miles Christopher Bakshi as Gonzalo / Sir Timoteo Montenegro the Third
  • Nina Zoe Bakshi as Perla
  • Guillaume Aretos as Le Chuchoteur – the Whisperer


The story of “Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos” follows the titular character, Puss in Boots, as he embarks on a new adventure. After his heroic escapades in the main “Puss in Boots” film, Puss finds himself bored and longing for excitement. This longing for adventure leads him to a new mission: recovering the stolen Heart of Fire ruby from the treacherous Whisperer.

The Whisperer is a cunning criminal who has taken possession of the priceless Heart of Fire, and Puss in Boots is determined to retrieve it. However, Puss soon realizes that he’s not alone in this quest. He encounters three mischievous kittens known as the Three Diablos, who have their own motives for helping him.

Together, Puss in Boots and the Three Diablos embark on a thrilling and action-packed journey to outsmart the Whisperer and recover the stolen treasure. Along the way, they face numerous challenges, showcase their unique skills, and ultimately form a close bond.


“Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos” is a beautifully animated short film that maintains the same high production quality and attention to detail seen in the main “Puss in Boots” movie and the “Shrek” franchise. DreamWorks Animation continued to employ cutting-edge animation techniques to bring the characters and world to life.

The short film’s concise runtime of just over 13 minutes allowed the filmmakers to focus on delivering a fast-paced and entertaining story. The character design, animation, and voice acting all contribute to the film’s charm and humor.


Upon its release, “Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos” received generally positive reviews from both critics and audiences. While it may not have had the same level of exposure as a full-length feature film, it was well-received for what it aimed to accomplish—a fun and action-packed adventure with Puss in Boots.

Critics praised the film for its animation quality, humor, and the introduction of the endearing Three Diablos characters. The chemistry between Puss in Boots and the kittens added depth to the story, and viewers appreciated the character development in such a short runtime.

Audiences also enjoyed the film, with many fans of the “Shrek” franchise finding it to be a delightful addition to the series. The film’s humor appealed to both children and adults, making it a family-friendly short film that could be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

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“Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos” successfully captures the essence of the beloved “Puss in Boots” character and the whimsical world of the “Shrek” franchise in a short yet entertaining package. With its talented voice cast, captivating plot, high-quality animation, and positive reception, this short film serves as a delightful addition to the franchise.

While it may not be as expansive as a full-length feature film, “The Three Diablos” manages to deliver a fun and action-packed adventure that showcases the enduring appeal of Puss in Boots and introduces memorable new characters in the form of the Three Diablos. For fans of the franchise, this short film is a must-watch, and it provides a satisfying dose of humor and excitement in just over 13 minutes.

In conclusion, “Puss in Boots The Three Diablos Cast” is a testament to the enduring popularity of the “Shrek” universe and its iconic characters. It offers a brief but enjoyable escapade with Puss in Boots, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating more adventures from this beloved feline hero.

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