Origin Cast and Character Guide (2023)

Origin Cast: Origin, the compelling 2023 American biographical drama directed and written by the talented Ava DuVernay, unfolds its narrative inspired by Isabel Wilkerson’s influential work, “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents.” Aunjanue Ellis takes on the powerful role of Wilkerson, leading an impressive cast that includes Jon Bernthal, Vera Farmiga, Audra McDonald, Niecy Nash-Betts, Nick Offerman, and Blair Underwood.

Debuting in the competition for the coveted Golden Lion at the 80th Venice International Film Festival on September 6, 2023, “Origin” mesmerized audiences with its poignant storytelling and stellar performances. The film, distributed by Neon, enjoyed a limited theatrical release on December 8, 2023, before captivating a broader audience with its wide release on January 19, 2024. As it explores the roots of societal disparities, “Origin” stands as a cinematic masterpiece that resonates with viewers, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of biographical dramas.

Origin Cast
Origin Cast
Release datesSeptember 6, 2023 (Venice)
December 8, 2023
Running time2H 15M
CountryUnited States
Budget$38 million
Box office$117,063
Directed byAva DuVernay
Written byAva DuVernay
Based onCaste: The Origins of Our Discontentsby Isabel Wilkerson
Produced byPaul Garnes
Ava DuVernay
Star castAunjanue Ellis-Taylor
Jon Bernthal
Vera Farmiga
Audra McDonald
Niecy Nash-Betts
CinematographyMatthew J. Lloyd
Edited bySpencer Averick
Music byKris Bowers
Production companyARRAY Filmworks
Distributed byNeon
Cast of Origin

Origin Cast

  • Aunjanue Ellis; as Isabel Wilkerson
  • Jon Bernthal; as Brett Hamilton, Isabel’s husband
  • Vera Farmiga
  • Audra McDonald
  • Niecy Nash-Betts; as Marion, Isabel’s cousin
  • Nick Offerman; as a plumber
  • BlairUnderwoodd; as Amari, Isabel’s editor
  • Donna Mills
  • Leonardo Nam
  • Connie Nielsen; as Sabine
  • Finn Wittrock; as August Landmesser
  • Victoria Pedretti; as Irma Eckler
  • Mieke Schymura
  • Emily Yancy; as Isabel’s mother
  • Jasmine Cephas Jones; as Elizabeth Davis
  • Isha Blaaker; as Allison Davis
  • Myles Frost; as Trayvon Martin
  • Gaurav J. Pathania; as Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
  • Suraj Yengde; as himself

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