One Royal Holiday Cast and Character Guide (2020 TV Movie)

One Royal Holiday Cast: One Royal Holiday is a 2020 Drama Romance TV movie written by Julie Sherman Wolfe, Andrew Gernhard and Colin Theys and directed by Dustin Rikert. In the midst of a raging blizzard, Anna’s compassionate heart led her to extend a warm embrace to a stranded mother and son seeking refuge. Little did she know that fate had woven an extraordinary tale into the fabric of this chance encounter, for the weary travelers turned out to be none other than the Royal Family of Galwick. Undeterred by the regal air surrounding them, Anna embarked on a mission to share the true spirit of Christmas from her humble hometown.

With genuine warmth and infectious enthusiasm, she guided the Prince through the simple joys of the season, encouraging him to unwrap not just the festive gifts but also the layers guarding his heart. In the glow of twinkling lights and the warmth of shared laughter, Anna’s kindness became the catalyst for a royal transformation, inspiring the Prince to embrace authenticity and discover the magic of being true to oneself amidst the enchanting snowfall.

One Royal Holiday Cast
One Royal Holiday Cast
Release dateOctober 31, 2020
CountryUnited States
Running time1H 27M
Directed byDustin Rikert
Written byJulie Sherman Wolfe
Andrew Gernhard
Colin Theys
Produced byAndrew Gernhard
Molly M. Mayeux
Colin Theys
Star castLaura Osnes
Krystal Joy Brown
Music byTommy Fields
CinematographyBranden James Maxham
Editing byBryan Capri
Cast of One Royal Holiday

One Royal Holiday Cast

  • Laura Osnes as Anna Jordan
  • Krystal Joy Brown as Sarah Melnick
  • Tom McGowan as Ed Jordan
  • Bradley Rose as Christopher Brooks
  • Geraldine Leer as Diane
  • Victoria Clark as Gabriella Galant
  • Aaron Tveit as James Galant
  • Chengusoyane Kargbo as Nurse
  • Frances McGarry as Mrs. Maitlin
  • John Allegra as Stan
  • Jerry Kernion as Driver
  • Will Child as Santa (as William Child)
  • Kerry McGann as Local Woman
  • Ian Lyons as Musician
  • J.P. Giuliotti as Donny’s Clerk (as JP Giuliotti)
  • Erika Santosuosso as Clerk
  • Derrick Davis as M.C. (as Derrick Omar Davis)

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