Next Day Air Cast and Character Guide: (2009)

Next Day Air Cast: Next Day Air is a crime comedy film released in 2009, directed by Benny Boom and written by Blair Cobbs. This film offers a unique blend of humor, crime, and suspense as it revolves around a misdelivery of a package containing illegal drugs. With an ensemble cast, a gripping plot, and witty humor, “Next Day Air” is an entertaining and memorable addition to the crime comedy genre.

Next Day Air Cast
Next Day Air Cast

Next Day Air Cast

The film boasts a diverse and talented cast that brings the story to life:

  • Donald Faison as Leo Jackson: A hapless courier who accidentally delivers a package of cocaine to the wrong address, setting off a chain of chaotic events.
  • Mike Epps as Brody: Leo’s lazy and irresponsible coworker who inadvertently plays a crucial role in the unfolding chaos.
  • Wood Harris as Guch: A drug dealer who is expecting the delivery of the cocaine package and becomes increasingly agitated as it goes missing.
  • Omari Hardwick as Shavoo: Guch’s partner in the drug trade, who is not pleased with the turn of events.
  • Darius McCrary as Buddy: A small-time criminal who ends up with the misplaced package.
  • Cisco Reyes as Jesus: Buddy’s clueless cousin who inadvertently opens the package, thinking it’s a birthday gift.
  • Yasmin Deliz as Chita: Buddy’s girlfriend who gets caught up in the chaos.
  • Lauren London as Ivy: Leo’s love interest who becomes entangled in the madness.
  • Mos Def as Eric: Leo and Brody’s eccentric, marijuana-smoking neighbor who has his own quirky connection to the events.
  • Donald “Grip” Griffin as Cassie: A volatile drug dealer with a short temper and a menacing presence.
  • Debbie Allen as Ms. Jackson: Leo’s no-nonsense mother who adds a touch of family drama to the story.
  • Emilio Rivera as Bodega
  • Lobo Sebastian as Rhino
  • Cassidy as Cass
  • Jo D. Jonz as Wade
  • Malik Barnhardt as Hassie
  • Christine Lye as Late Night girl


“Next Day Air” centers around a seemingly simple misdelivery of a package that quickly escalates into a series of hilarious and dangerous encounters. Leo Jackson, a courier for the Next Day Air package delivery company, mistakenly delivers a package containing a large quantity of cocaine to the wrong address. The intended recipients, drug dealers Guch and Shavoo, are furious when they don’t receive their shipment.

Meanwhile, Buddy and his cousin Jesus, who live in the same apartment building as Leo, discover the misplaced package and decide to make some quick money by selling the drugs. Chaos ensues as various characters, including Leo’s love interest Ivy, get involved in the mix-up. As the package changes hands and multiple parties vie for control of the cocaine, tensions rise, and comical misunderstandings occur.


“Next Day Air” was directed by Benny Boom, known for his work in the music video industry, and written by Blair Cobbs. The film was produced by Inny Clemons, Scott Aronson, and Michael Paseornek. With a relatively modest budget, the production team managed to create a visually engaging and fast-paced crime comedy.

The film was shot on location in Philadelphia, adding an authentic urban backdrop to the story’s gritty atmosphere. The choice of locations and cinematography contribute to the film’s overall ambiance and tone.

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“Next Day Air” may not have achieved blockbuster status or widespread critical acclaim, but it has solidified its place as a cult classic in the crime comedy genre. With a talented ensemble cast, a zany plot filled with twists and turns, and a healthy dose of humor, the film provides an entertaining ride for those looking for a fun and lighthearted cinematic experience.

Despite its initial mixed reviews, “Next Day Air Cast” has continued to find an audience that appreciates its unique blend of crime, comedy, and chaos. It serves as a reminder that not all films need critical acclaim to become beloved by fans, and sometimes a good laugh and a memorable ensemble cast are all you need for an enjoyable movie night.

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