Moonlight in Vermont Cast and Character Guide: (film 2017)

Moonlight in Vermont Cast: Moonlight in Vermont is a romantic comedy film released in 2017, directed by Mel Damski and written by Eliza Madison. The film offers a charming and heartwarming story set against the backdrop of the picturesque Vermont countryside. With a talented cast and a story that blends romance and self-discovery, Moonlight in Vermont captivated audiences when it premiered.

Moonlight in Vermont Cast
Moonlight in Vermont Cast

Moonlight in Vermont Cast

The film boasts a talented ensemble cast, with each actor contributing to the overall charm of the movie.

  • Lacey Chabert as Fiona Rangely: The film’s protagonist, Fiona is a successful real estate agent from Los Angeles who is struggling to find her true purpose in life.
  • Carlo Marks as Derek: Derek is Fiona’s boyfriend at the beginning of the film, a career-focused lawyer who becomes entangled in her journey of self-discovery.
  • Jesse Moss as Nate: Nate is Fiona’s brother, who plays a pivotal role in encouraging her to visit Vermont and explore her family’s roots.
  • Fiona Vroom as Angela: Angela is a close friend of Fiona’s and provides emotional support as she embarks on her journey to Vermont.
  • Jason Cermak as Brandon: Brandon is a charming inn owner in Vermont who becomes an unexpected love interest for Fiona.
  • Keith MacKechnie as Harris
  • Rebecca Staab as Delia
  • Elise Gatien as Haley
  • Jason Schombing as Irwin
  • Timothy Webber as Chauncey
  • Gary Jones as Mayor
  • Andrea Yu as Patient
  • Andy Nez as Booth Guy
  • Terry O’Sullivan as Grandma
  • John Emmet Tracy as Shark Realtor Tony
  • Felipe Viana as Boyfriend(uncredited)


Moonlight in Vermont follows the story of Fiona Rangely, a successful real estate agent in Los Angeles who is deeply entrenched in her fast-paced city life. She is in a relationship with Derek, a lawyer, but her career-driven nature has left her with little time for anything else. When a business deal goes awry, Fiona decides to take a break from her chaotic life and visit her family’s ancestral inn in Vermont.

Upon arriving in Vermont, Fiona discovers that the inn is in disrepair and on the verge of bankruptcy. With the help of her brother Nate and a local handyman, she embarks on a journey to restore the inn to its former glory. During this process, Fiona undergoes a transformation, rediscovering her passion for life and learning to appreciate the simpler things.

As Fiona gets closer to completing the inn’s restoration, she also finds herself growing closer to Edward, the inn’s charming owner. Their budding romance forces Fiona to confront the choices she’s made in her life and consider what truly makes her happy.

The film’s plot beautifully captures the essence of self-discovery and the idea that sometimes one must step out of their comfort zone to find true happiness. The stunning Vermont countryside provides a picturesque backdrop for Fiona’s journey of self-exploration and love.

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Moonlight in Vermont was produced by Hallmark Channel, known for its heartwarming and family-friendly films. The movie was directed by Mel Damski, known for his work in both television and film, and written by Eliza Madison. The film’s production team did an excellent job in creating a visually appealing and emotionally engaging story.

The picturesque Vermont setting played a crucial role in the film’s production. The filmmakers took advantage of the state’s natural beauty, showcasing its rolling hills, charming small towns, and picturesque landscapes throughout the movie. The production design and cinematography effectively captured the essence of Vermont, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for the audience.

The casting of Lacey Chabert in the lead role was a wise choice, as she brought depth and authenticity to Fiona’s character. The chemistry between Chabert and Jason Cermak, who played Edward, added a significant romantic element to the film.


Moonlight in Vermont Cast (2017) is a delightful romantic comedy that successfully combines elements of self-discovery, romance, and the beauty of the Vermont countryside. With a talented cast, stunning production design, and a compelling storyline, the film has earned its place among Hallmark Channel’s beloved movies.

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