Holiday Twist Cast and Character Guide (2023 film)

Holiday Twist Cast: In the heartwarming and hilarious spirit of the season, “Holiday Twist” unfolds as a delightful 2023 American Christmas comedy film under the creative guidance of writer and director Stephanie Garvin. The stellar cast, led by the charming Kelly Stables, the talented Neal McDonough, the endearing Sean Astin, the captivaqting Caylee Cowan, the charismatic James Maslow, and the charming Hugh Sheridan, brings this festive tale to life with a perfect blend of humor and heart. Get ready for a yuletide adventure that promises to deliver laughs, love, and a joyful twist to your holiday celebrations.

Holiday Twist Cast
Holiday Twist Cast
Release dateDecember 1, 2023
CountryUnited States
Directed byStephanie Garvin
Written byStephanie Garvin
Produced byStephanie Garvin
Scott Rosenfelt
Chad Oliver
Star castKelly Stables
Emily Tosta
Caylee Cowan
Brian Thomas Smith
James Maslow
CinematographyDrew Suppa
Edited byDevon Greene
Jason Luna-Ballantyne
Music bySteve Dorff
Production companyETM Pictures
Distributed byETM Distribution
Cast of Holiday Twist

Holiday Twist Cast

  • Kelly Stables; as Connie
  • Neal McDonough; as Skip
  • Sean Astin; as Mr. Whitmer
  • Emily Tosta; as Brooke
  • Brian Thomas Smith; as Boogie
  • Blake Leeper; as Santa Rex
  • Caylee Cowan; as Christina Christmas
  • James Maslow; as Sam
  • Hugh Sheridan; as George
  • Sadie Stratton; as Jennifer
  • Jake Miller; as Kyle
  • Haley Reinhart; as Anna
  • Melody Thornton; as Brenda
  • Kelly Mi Li; as Amanda
  • Montana Tucker; as Cheryl
  • Stephanie Garvin; as Melanie Watkins
  • Tess Murphy; as Stella
  • Hudson Barry; as Stuart
  • Callan Barry; as Henry
  • Berkeley James; as Brianna
  • Kellen Patino; as Brant
  • Drew Fuller; as Bill Neilson
  • Jeff Rector; as Vance Jordan
  • Jasmine Rossi; as Jessica

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