Hidden Cast and Character Guide: (2018 TV Series)

Hidden Cast: Hidden, also known as “Craith” in its original Welsh language, is a critically acclaimed British television crime drama series that first premiered in 2018. The show, created by Mark Andrew and Ed Talfan, is a compelling blend of mystery, suspense, and psychological drama. Set against the backdrop of the stunning Welsh landscape, “Hidden” has garnered widespread recognition for its gripping storytelling, outstanding performances, and intricate character development.

Hidden cast
Hidden cast
Also known asCraith
GenreCrime drama
Duration60 minutes
Country of originUnited Kingdom (Wales)
Original languagesWelsh
No. of series3
No. of episodes20
NetworkS4C (Welsh-language version)
BBC Four (English-language version)
Release7 January 2018 –14 November 2021
CreatorsMark Andrew
Ed Talfan
DirectorsGareth Bryn
Eric Styles
Chris Forster
Star castSian Reese-Williams
Siôn Alun Davies
Nia Roberts
Victoria Pugh
Lowri Izzard
Garmon Rhys
Sarah Tempest
Lois Meleri-Jones
Megan Llŷn
Music byVictoria Ashfield
Samuel Barnes
John E.R. Hardy
Benjamin Talbott
Executive producersMark Andrew
Ed Talfan
ProducerHannah Thomas
CinematographyStuart Biddlecombe
Production companySevern Screen
Cast of Hidden

Hidden Cast

The cast of “Hidden” features a talented ensemble of actors who bring depth and authenticity to their roles:


  • Sian Reese-Williams as Detective Sergeant Cadi John: Sian plays the lead role of Cadi John, a complex and determined detective tasked with solving a series of dark and enigmatic crimes.
  • Siôn Alun Davies as (Detective Sergeant) Owen Vaughan: Siôn portrays Owen Vaughan, Cadi’s dedicated partner, who works tirelessly alongside her to uncover the truth behind the mysteries of their community.
  • Sion Ifan as Siôn Thomas: Sion Ifan plays Siôn Thomas, a man with a troubled past who becomes entangled in the crimes that unfold throughout the series.
  • Nia Roberts as Iona Harris: Nia Roberts plays Iona Harris, Dylan’s mother, who harbors her own secrets and plays a pivotal role in the unfolding drama.
  • Rhodri Meilir as Dylan Harris: Rhodri Meilir takes on the role of Dylan Harris, a seasoned detective who assists Cadi and Owen in their investigations.
  • Gwyneth Keyworth as Megan Ruddock: Gwyneth Keyworth portrays Lowri Driscoll, another member of the investigative team.
  • Annes Elwy as Mia Owen: Annes Elwy plays Mia Owen, a teenager who becomes a central figure in the series’ mysteries.
  • Siôn Alun Davies as Detective Sergeant Owen Vaughan
  • Nia Roberts as Dr Elin Jones
  • Lois Meleri-Jones as Lowri Driscoll
  • Gillian Elisa as Iona Harris (Series 1)
  • Ian Saynor as Huw John (Series 1)
  • Owen Arwyn as Alun Pryce (Series 1)
  • Greta James as Mali Pryce (Series 1)
  • Steffan Cennydd as Connor Pritchard (Series 2)
  • Lisa Victoria as Catrin Pritchard (Series 2)
  • Siôn Eifion as Lee Williams (Series 2)
  • Bryn Fôn as Hefin Mathews (Series 2)
  • Lois Elenid as Beca Mathews (Series 2)
  • Owain Gwynn as Siôn Wells (Series 2)
  • Justin Melluish as Glyn Thomas (Series 3)
  • Elen Rhys as Hannah Lewis (Series 3)


  • Megan Llŷn as Bethan John
  • Victoria Pugh as Detective Superintendent Susan Lynn
  • Lowri Izzard as (Police Constable) Mari James (Series 1–2)
  • Garmon Rhys as Police Constable Ryan Davies
  • Sarah Tempest as Detective Constable Alys Mitchell
  • Melangell Dolma as Sam Shepherd (Series 1–2)
  • Lara Catrin as Lea Pryce (Series 1 and 3)
  • Elodie Wilton as Nia Harris (Series 1)
  • Rhodri Sion as Ieuan Rhys (Series 1)
  • Mark Lewis Jones as Endaf Elwy (Series 1)
  • Ioan Hefin as Matthew Heston (Series 1)
  • Mali Ann Rees as Ffion (Series 1)
  • Mali Tudno Jones as Dr Rachel West (Series 2–3)
  • Ffion Dafis as Kelly Owen (Series 2)
  • Jac Jones as Liam Pritchard (Series 2)
  • Dyfrig Evans as Glyn Jones (Series 2)
  • Manon Prysor as Rhian Jenkins (Series 2)
  • Gruffydd Owain Wyn Jones as Jason Williams (Series 2)
  • Mark Flanagan as Karl Lewis (Series 2)
  • Sion Pritchard as James Rhys (Series 2)
  • Llion Williams as Ifan Jenkins (Series 2)
  • Nia Hâf as Lois Jones (Series 2)
  • Gwawr Loader as (Police Constable) Gwawr Daniels (Series 3)
  • Rhodri Evan as Father Richard McEwan (Series 3)
  • Dritan Kastrati as Piotr Korecki (Series 3)
  • Oliver Jones as Ifan Williams (Series 3)
  • Rhian Blythe as Siwan Williams (Series 3)
  • Lewsyn Blaidd Watts as Guto Williams (Series 3)
  • Gwen Ellis as Mair Williams (Series 3)
  • William Thomas as Dafydd O’Connell (Series 3)


Unfolds in the picturesque but ominous landscape of Snowdonia, Wales. The series revolves around Detective Sergeant Cadi John, a dedicated and tenacious investigator who is assigned to solve a series of intricate and unsettling crimes that shake the quiet community she serves.

The story kicks off with the discovery of a young woman’s body in a remote quarry, sending shockwaves through the tight-knit town. As Cadi and her partner, Owen Vaughan, delve deeper into the case, they uncover a web of secrets, lies, and long-buried traumas that have festered beneath the surface of the seemingly idyllic community.

One of the central characters, Dylan Harris, emerges as a person of interest, and his connection to the crimes becomes increasingly convoluted. The series skillfully weaves together multiple storylines, exploring the lives of various town residents, each hiding their own dark secrets.

As the investigation unfolds, Cadi confronts her own demons and must grapple with the ghosts of her past. Her relentless pursuit of the truth exposes her to personal danger, adding a layer of tension and suspense to the narrative.

A masterclass in tension-building and character development. It explores themes of guilt, redemption, and the impact of past traumas on the present. The Welsh landscape serves as a hauntingly beautiful backdrop for a story that delves into the darkest corners of the human psyche.


The production of “Hidden” is a testament to the collaboration of talented individuals who worked tirelessly to create a visually stunning and emotionally charged series.

Location: The series was primarily filmed in the breathtakingly scenic Snowdonia region of Wales, which not only provided a visually stunning backdrop but also added an eerie and atmospheric quality to the show’s setting.

Writing: The series was created by Mark Andrew and Ed Talfan, who developed a meticulously crafted narrative that blends the crime genre with elements of psychological drama and mystery. The writing has been praised for its intricate plot twists and well-developed characters.

Direction: Directed by a team of skilled directors, including Gareth Bryn and Euros Lyn, who effectively captured the haunting beauty and underlying darkness of the Welsh landscape.

Cinematography: The cinematography of “Hidden” is a standout feature, with sweeping aerial shots and moody lighting that enhance the show’s atmosphere and tone.

Music: The series features a hauntingly beautiful score composed by John Hardy Music, which complements the story’s emotional depth and suspense.

The production values of “Hidden” have been consistently praised for their ability to immerse viewers in the world of the series, making it a truly captivating viewing experience.

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Hidden Cast” (2018) is a television series that stands as a testament to the power of gripping storytelling, exceptional performances, and the haunting beauty of its Welsh setting. With a talented cast, a meticulously crafted plot, and high production values, it has received critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

The show’s ability to delve into the complexities of human nature, explore the impact of past traumas, and unravel the mysteries hidden within a seemingly tranquil community has resonated with audiences. As “Hidden” continues to gain recognition and appreciation, it solidifies its place as a standout series in the crime drama genre, offering viewers an unforgettable and emotionally charged experience within its enigmatic world.

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