Genie Cast 2023 film (with image)

Genie Cast: In the enchanting realm of holiday cinema, “Genie” emerges as a magical spectacle, weaving together laughter and fantasy under the directorial wand of Sam Boyd. Richard Curtis’s whimsical narrative, a charming revisit to his 1991 British television creation “Bernard and the Genie,” takes center stage, reimagined for the festive season in this 2023 American Christmas fantasy comedy.

Melissa McCarthy leads the stellar cast, joined by the talents of Paapa Essiedu, Denée Benton, Marc Maron, Jordyn McIntosh, Luis Guzmán, and Alan Cumming, creating a magical ensemble that sprinkles joy and merriment. Unveiling its wonders on Peacock’s platform on November 22, 2023, “Genie” invites audiences to unwrap the gift of laughter and embark on a heartwarming journey through the spirit of the season.

Genie Cast
Genie Cast
Release dateNovember 22, 2023
Running time1H 33M
CountryUnited States
Directed bySam Boyd
Written byRichard Curtis
Based onBernard and the Genieby Richard Curtis
Produced byTim Bevan
Eric Fellner
Riva Marker
Richard Curtis
Star castMelissa McCarthy
Paapa Essiedu
Denée Benton
Marc Maron
Jordyn McIntosh
Luis Guzmán
Alan Cumming
CinematographyJohn Guleserian
Edited byHeather Persons
Music byDan Romer
Production companiesUniversal Pictures
Working Title Films
Distributed byPeacock
Cast of Genie

Genie Cast

  • Melissa McCarthy; as Flora
  • Paapa Essiedu; as Bernard
  • Denée Benton; as Julie, Bernard’s wife
  • Jordyn McIntosh; as Eve, Bernard and Julie’s 7-year-old daughter
  • Alan Cumming; as Flaxman, Bernard’s boss
  • Marc Maron; as Lenny, Bernard’s doorman
  • Tate Ellington; as Johnny
  • LaChanze; as Grandma Patty
  • Ellen Cleghorne; as Bernard’s mother
  • Oberon Adjepong; as Bernard’s father
  • Ego Nwodim; as Dianna
  • John Reynolds; as Marvin
  • Nyasha Hatendi; as Pete
  • Emanuele Secci; as Henry Hackford
  • Luis Guzmán; as Perez, a detective investigating the mysterious disappearance of the Mona Lisa
  • Ralph Brown; as Sorcerer

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