Father Knows Best Cast (1949 TV Series)

Father Knows Best Cast: Father Knows Best, a beloved American sitcom, originally embarked on its journey through the airwaves on radio in 1949 before making a seamless transition to television. The heartwarming series chronicled the everyday lives of the Andersons, a quintessential middle-class family residing in the charming town of Springfield. Notably, the state of Springfield’s location remained a well-kept mystery, though it was widely assumed to be nestled in the Midwestern United States.

Debuting on CBS in October 1954, the show encountered a brief hiatus after its first season when CBS decided to bid it farewell. However, the Anderson family found a new home at NBC, where the series thrived for three more seasons. Despite its success, the show faced another crossroads when NBC decided to part ways in 1958. Undeterred, “Father Knows Best” staged a triumphant return to CBS, where it continued to captivate audiences until its heartwarming conclusion in May 1960. This resilient journey across networks only added to the series’ enduring legacy, making it a timeless classic in the realm of American television.

Father Knows Best Cast
Dark Command Cast
Created byEd James
Directed byPeter Tewksbury
Star cast Robert Young
Jane Wyatt
Elinor Donahue
Billy Gray
ProducersMurray Bolen
Ken Burton
Fran Van Hartesfeldt
Running time26 minutes
Production companiesRodney-Young Productions
Screen Gems
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons6
No. of episodes203
NetworkCBS (1954–1955, 1958–1960)
NBC (1955–1958)
ReleaseOctober 3, 1954 – May 23, 1960
Cast of Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best Cast

  • Robert Young as Jim Anderson / Herr Grossenheimer / Tate Ibsen (202 episodes, 1954-1960)
  • Lauren Chapin as Kathy Anderson / Kathy / Katrina (201 episodes, 1954-1960)
  • Jane Wyatt as Margaret Anderson / Katrina’s Mama (201 episodes, 1954-1960)
  • Billy Gray as Bud Anderson / Hans (201 episodes, 1954-1960)
  • Elinor Donahue as Betty Anderson / Betty / Donna Stuart / The Angel (200 episodes, 1954-1960)
  • Jimmy Bates as Claude / Claude Messner / Kippy (18 episodes, 1955-1959)
  • Paul Wallace as Kippy / Kippy Watkins (20 episodes, 1956-1959)
  • Sarah Selby as Miss Thomas / Miss Quimby (13 episodes, 1954-1960)
  • Yvonne Lime as Dotty / Dotty Snow / Dottie Snow (10 episodes, 1956-1960)
  • Vivi Janiss as Myrtle Davis / Myrtle (11 episodes, 1954-1959)
  • Robert Foulk as Ed Davis (7 episodes, 1954-1959)
  • Robert Chapman as Ralph (6 episodes, 1958)
  • Natividad Vacío as Fronk / Frank (5 episodes, 1957-1960)
  • Peter Heisser as Joe Phillips (5 episodes, 1955-1960)
  • Sam Flint as Mr. Armstead / Armstead (5 episodes, 1956-1960)
  • Don Bender as Orlo Bates / Boy at Gym / Merv (1 episode, 1955-1957)

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