Family Switch Cast 2023 film

Family Switch Cast: In the whimsical world of “Family Switch,” director McG takes audiences on a wild ride of laughter and chaos as Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms find themselves entangled in a hilarious tale of body-swapping antics. Inspired by Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s 2010 children’s book, “Bedtime for Mommy,” the film introduces viewers to a zany scenario where family dynamics take a topsy-turvy turn.

Released on Netflix on November 30, 2023, the film garnered attention for its unique take on the classic body-swap theme. While critics may not have unanimously praised the comedic escapade, “Family Switch” invites audiences to join in the fun as it explores the challenges and hilarity that ensue when family members find themselves in each other’s shoes—literally.

Family Switch Cast
Family Switch Cast
Release dateNovember 30, 2023
Running time1H 45M
CountryUnited States
Directed byMcG
Screenplay byVictoria Strouse
Adam Sztykiel
Story byVictoria Strouse
Based onBedtime for Mommy by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Produced byLawrence Grey
Ben Everard
Nicole King Solaka
Jennifer Garner
Mary Viola
Star castJennifer Garner
Ed Helms
Emma Myers
Brady Noon
Rita Moreno
CinematographyMarc Spicer
Edited byBrian Olds
Music byPinar Toprak
Production companiesGrey Matter Productions
Linden Productions
Wonderland Sound and Vision
Distributed byNetflix
Cast of Family Switch

Family Switch Cast

  • Jennifer Garner; as Jess Walker
  • Ed Helms; as Bill Walker
  • Emma Myers; as CeeCee Walker
  • Brady Noon; as Wyatt Walker
  • Rita Moreno; as Angelica
  • Matthias Schweighöfer; as Rolf
  • Vanessa Carrasco; as Ariana
  • Cyrus Arnold; as Hunter Drew
  • Ilia Isorelýs Paulino; as Kara
  • Jordan Leftwich; as Ava
  • Xosha Roquemore; as Carrie
  • Bashir Salahuddin; as Molson
  • Paul Scheer; as Steven
  • Helen Hong; as Simone
  • Fortune Feimster; as Coach Kim
  • Ned Bellamy; as Hanes
  • Andrew Bachelor; as Glen
  • Dan Finnerty; as Gus
  • Howie Mandel; as Barry
  • Rivers Cuomo; as Lake
  • Brian Bell; as Dave
  • Scott Shriner; as Scott
  • Patrick Wilson; as Patrick
  • Pete Holmes; as Peter
  • Naomi Ekperigin; as Naomi
  • Adam Lustick; as Spock
  • Ravi Kapoor; as Mr. Hollis
  • Anwar Jibawi; as Thunder
  • Hannah Stocking; as Lighting
  • Mark McGrath; as DJ Yukon Cornelius
  • Bob Stephenson; as mild-mannered dad
  • Benjamin Flores Jr.; as Boss
  • Lauren Ash; as Barb

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