DarkGame Cast and Character Guide (2024 film)

DarkGame Cast: In the relentless pursuit of justice, Detective Alex Mercer found himself entangled in a sinister web of malevolence. Racing against the relentless march of time, he discovered a twisted game show flourishing in the shadows of the dark web. In this macabre arena, captives were unwilling participants in a ghastly competition for their very existence. As the countdown to doom ticked away, Detective Mercer grappled with the harrowing task of deciphering cryptic clues, navigating the labyrinthine depths of the internet’s underbelly.

With each passing moment, the stakes escalated, and the detective’s determination became a beacon of hope amid the encroaching darkness. In this high-stakes race against a faceless adversary, Mercer would need to unravel the enigma and confront the malevolent puppeteer orchestrating this deadly spectacle before time ran out for the unsuspecting conteststants.

DarkGame Cast
DarkGame Cast
Release dateFebruary 29, 2024
DirectorHoward J. Ford
WritersTom George
Gary Grant
Niall Johnson
Produced byTom George
Natalya Tsvetkova
Star castEd Westwick
Andrew P Stephen
Natalya Tsvetkova
Music byImran Ahmad
Edited byNikk Fielden
Cast of DarkGame

DarkGame Cast

  • Ed Westwick as Ben
  • Andrew P Stephen as The Presenter
  • Natalya Tsvetkova as Katia
  • Lola Wayne as Cathy
  • Rory Alexander as Parker Green
  • Andrew McGillan as Sasha
  • Miztli Rose as Esparza
  • Anthony Ofoegbu as Captain Larson
  • Natasha Skutka as Chloe
  • Joe Urquhart as Sam
  • Joseph Tweedale as Alex
  • Marc Danbury as FBI Agent Jackson
  • Rose Reynolds as Lisa
  • Polina Nioly Pushkareva as Amy(as Polina Pushkareva)
  • Eamonn Fleming as Ray
  • Rick Yale as Larch
  • Ikay Agu as FBI Agent Cole
  • Caterina Gabanella as Sofia

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