Clambake Cast and Character Guide: (1967)

Clambake Cast: Clambake is a 1967 musical comedy film starring the legendary Elvis Presley. Directed by Arthur H. Nadel and produced by Sam Katzman, the film is notable for its catchy tunes, charismatic performances, and its depiction of the swinging 1960s era. In this comprehensive review, we will explore various aspects of the film, including its cast, plot, production, reception, and conclude with an assessment of its enduring legacy in the world of entertainment.

Clambake cast
Clambake cast
Release dateOctober 18, 1967 (USA)
Duration1H 40M
CountryUnited States
DirectorArthur H. Nadel
WriterArthur Browne Jr.
ProducersArthur Gardner
Arnold Laven
Jules Levy
Star castElvis Presley
Will Hutchins
Shelley Fabares
Bill Bixby
CinematographyWilliam Margulies
EditerTom Rolf
MusicJeff Alexander
Production companiesLevy-Gardner-Laven Rhodes Pictures
DistributorUnited Artists
Clambake Cast

Clambake Cast

  • Elvis Presley as Scott Hayward/”Tom Wilson”: Elvis plays the lead role of Scott Heyward, a wealthy oil heir who trades places with a water ski instructor to experience life away from his riches.
  • Shelley Fabares as Dianne Carter: Shelley Fabares portrays Dianne Carter, the love interest of both Scott Heyward and Tom Wilson.
  • Will Hutchins as Tom Wilson/”Scott Hayward“: Will Hutchins plays Tom Wilson, a water ski instructor who switches places with Scott Heyward, leading to comedic misunderstandings.
  • Bill Bixby as James J. Jamison III: Bill Bixby portrays James J. Jamison III, Scott Heyward’s conniving assistant.
  • Gary Merrill as Sam Burton: Gary Merrill plays Sam Burton, Dianne Carter’s father and a potential business partner of Scott Heyward.
  • James Gregory as Duster Hayward: James Gregory appears as Duster Heyward, Scott’s father, and a wealthy oil magnate.
  • Suzie Kaye as Sally: Suzie Kaye takes on the role of Sally, a girl who becomes enamored with Scott Heyward.
  • Harold Peary as Fat Jack: Harold Peary plays Fat Jack, a character involved in a comedic subplot.
  • Harold Peary (credited as “Hal Peary”) as the Doorman
  • Sam Riddle as the Announcer
  • Olga Kaya as Gigi
  • Angelique Pettyjohn as Gloria
  • Jack Good as Hathaway
  • Lee Krieger as Bartender
  • Wallace Earl (credited as “Amanda Harley”) as Ellie
  • Marj Dusay as the Waitress
  • Sue England as Cigarette girl
  • Charlie Hodge as Mr. Hayward’s barber (uncredited)


Clambake tells the story of Scott Heyward, a wealthy young man who is tired of being recognized for his riches rather than his true self. Seeking a break from his life of privilege, he trades places with Tom Wilson, a water ski instructor. Scott believes that by assuming a new identity, he will find someone who loves him for who he is, not for his wealth.

Scott, under the alias Tom Wilson, arrives in Miami and soon crosses paths with Dianne Carter, who mistakes him for a poor water ski instructor. As their romance develops, complications arise when Scott’s true identity is revealed, leading to misunderstandings and comic situations.

The plot thickens when Scott’s conniving assistant, James J. Jamison III, attempts to manipulate events to secure a business deal with Dianne’s father, Sam Burton. As the film progresses, Scott must come to terms with his true identity and learn valuable life lessons about love and authenticity.


Clambake was produced by Sam Katzman, known for his work on various Elvis Presley films. The film was made on a modest budget, typical for Elvis Presley productions at the time. The production team utilized several picturesque locations in Florida, including Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, to capture the vibrant atmosphere of the 1960s coastal lifestyle.

The film’s soundtrack features several catchy tunes, including “Guitar Man,” “Clambake,” “You Don’t Know Me,” and “Who Needs Money.” These songs were composed by various artists, contributing to the film’s musical appeal.

Elvis Presley’s charismatic presence on screen and his musical talents were pivotal to the success of Clambake. His iconic style and ability to connect with the audience made him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.


Clambake was released in 1967 to mixed reviews from critics. While it was not considered one of Elvis Presley’s most critically acclaimed films, it still found a dedicated fanbase due to its entertaining and lighthearted nature.

Critics praised Elvis Presley’s performance, acknowledging his enduring charm and musical talent. However, some critics pointed out that the film’s plot was somewhat formulaic and predictable, following a familiar pattern seen in many of Presley’s movies.

Despite the critical response, Clambake performed well at the box office, reinforcing Elvis Presley’s status as a box office draw. Audiences were drawn to the film for its catchy songs, engaging performances, and the escapism it offered during a turbulent period in American history.

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In conclusion, Clambake is a classic Elvis Presley musical comedy that continues to hold a special place in the hearts of fans. While it may not have received unanimous critical acclaim, its enduring popularity speaks to the timeless appeal of Elvis Presley’s music and charisma. The film’s plot, though formulaic, is a vehicle for showcasing Elvis’s talents and capturing the spirit of the 1960s.

With a talented cast, memorable songs, and the charismatic presence of Elvis Presley, “Clambake Cast” remains a delightful and nostalgic cinematic experience for those who appreciate the golden era of musical comedies. Despite its imperfections, the film serves as a testament to Elvis Presley’s enduring legacy in the world of entertainment, making it a must-watch for fans and a charming piece of cinematic history.

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