City of Love Cast (with image) 2023 film

City of Love Cast: In the pulse-pounding cinematic concoction known as “City of Love,” director Èric Boadella and co-writer Sara Pattarini weave a tapestry of crime, comedy, and thrills. The film’s magnetic ensemble cast, led by the charismatic Robert DeCesare, the enigmatic Kathryn Schott, the versatile Taylor Nichols, and the captivating Mario Tardón, brings to life a world where love and danger dance a tango through the vibrant streets.

Boadella’s direction and Pattarini’s script intertwine seamlessly, creating a symphony of suspense and laughter that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. “City of Love” is a rollercoaster ride through the unexpected, where humor and crime collide in a thrilling spectacle that lingers in the heart long after the credits roll.

City of Love Cast
City of Love Cast
Release datesJanuary 28, 2023 (New Jersey International Film Festival) December 19, 2023 (VOD)
CountryUnited States
Directed byÈric Boadella
Written byÈric Boadella
Sara Pattarini
Story byRobert DeCesare
Produced byByron Austen Ashley
Èric Boadella
Sara Pattarini
Star castRobert DeCesare
Kathryn Schott
Taylor Nichols
Mario Tardón
CinematographyRomas Usakovas
Edited byNadine Mundo
Music byOkan Isik
Production companyRotten Apple Entertainment
Distributed byFreestyle Digital Media
Cast of City of Love

City of Love Cast

  • Robert DeCesare; as Spencer Combs
  • Kathryn Schott; as Molly Sullivan
  • Taylor Nichols; as Ted Larsson
  • Mario Tardón; as Thomas
  • Myron Donley; as Henry
  • Daniel Reed Ferrell; as Young Spencer
  • Heidi Méndez; as Aunt Lidia
  • Samuel Garnett; as Will Patterson
  • Paul Dinh-McCrillis; as Jeff Harding
  • Kristen Vaganos; as Stephanie
  • Nick Bardin; as Sergej Zudarovich
  • Joel Riley Martin; as Sal Murphy
  • Eric Riggs; as Young Jeff Harding
  • Chrissy Bergeron; as Lourdes Combs
  • Yessi Sanchez; as Babel
  • Michael Cortez; as Inspector Ramirez
  • Kelvin Adekunle; as Nick
  • Isabella Cohen; as Anne
  • Olivia Cohen; as Mary
  • Bunny Gibson; as Jackie
  • Tryphena Wade; as Officer Flynn
  • Vasilisa Badeka; as Daughter

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