Christmas Lodge Cast and Character Guide: (2011)

Christmas Lodge Cast: Christmas Lodge is a heartwarming holiday TV movie released in 2011. Directed by Terry Ingram and written by Lawrence S. Richardson Jr., this film captures the essence of the Christmas spirit while exploring themes of love, family, and the importance of tradition. With a talented cast, a compelling plot, and a cozy, festive atmosphere, “Christmas Lodge” has become a beloved addition to the annual holiday viewing tradition for many.

Christmas Lodge Cast
Christmas Lodge Cast
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
CountryUnited States
Release date11 October 2011
Run time1H 26M
DirectorTerry Ingram
WritersLawrence S. Richardson Jr.
Renee de Roche
ProducerJack Nasser
Peter Girges
Star castErin Karpluk
Michael Shanks
Music byStu Goldberg
CinematographyAnthony C. Metchie
EditorJames Ilecic

Christmas Lodge Cast

  • Erin Karpluk as Mary: The film’s protagonist, Mary Tobin, is a workaholic who rediscovers the magic of Christmas when she visits her family’s lodge.
  • Michael Shanks as Jack: Jack is Mary’s love interest and helps her restore the Christmas Lodge to its former glory.
  • Rukiya Bernard as Yolanda: Yolanda is Mary’s best friend and provides emotional support throughout the film.
  • John Innes as Grampa: Grampa is Mary’s father and the owner of the Christmas Lodge.
  • Victoria Banks as Kathy: Kathy is Mary’s mother and plays a crucial role in the lodge’s history.
  • Rebecca Toolan as Betty: Betty is a guest at the Christmas Lodge who has a special connection to the place.
  • Michael Kopsa as Mike
  • Michael Patric as Matthew
  • Scott E. Miller as Pete (as Scott Miller)
  • Peter Benson as Kent
  • Michelle Creber as Charlene
  • Alvin Sanders as Bob
  • Keith Martin Gordey as Board Chairman
  • Michelle Kim as Traveler One


The story of “Christmas Lodge” revolves around Mary Tobin, a driven woman who has lost touch with the true meaning of Christmas due to her demanding job. She decides to take a break and visits the Christmas Lodge, a cozy family-owned cabin in the woods, with her best friend, Jenny.

Upon arrival, Mary is overwhelmed with nostalgia as she remembers the wonderful Christmases spent at the lodge during her childhood. However, she is saddened to see that the lodge has fallen into disrepair since her parents retired. Mary’s father, Earl, is struggling to maintain the lodge, and Mary decides to stay and help him restore it to its former glory.

As Mary dedicates herself to renovating the lodge, she crosses paths with Jack, a handsome handyman who offers his assistance. Throughout the restoration process, Mary and Jack grow closer, and a romantic spark ignites between them. Meanwhile, Mary reconnects with her family and rediscovers the traditions that made Christmas at the lodge so special.

The lodge becomes a place of magic once again as the community comes together to celebrate Christmas. Mary’s mother, Elizabeth, returns for the holiday, and guests like Rose share heartwarming stories of their own experiences at the lodge. Mary learns that the true spirit of Christmas is about love, family, and creating cherished memories.


“Christmas Lodge” was produced by NGN Productions and distributed by Entertainment One. Filming took place in British Columbia, Canada, providing the picturesque winter backdrop that adds to the film’s cozy charm. The production team aimed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that would resonate with viewers during the holiday season.

The film’s director, Terry Ingram, and writer, Lawrence S. Richardson Jr., worked together to bring this heartwarming story to life. The choice of cast was essential in conveying the emotional depth and authenticity of the characters. Erin Karpluk and Michael Shanks delivered compelling performances that resonated with audiences, and the supporting cast added depth and warmth to the film.

The production of “Christmas Lodge” also emphasized the importance of attention to detail in recreating the lodge’s cozy, festive ambiance. The set design, decorations, and costumes were carefully chosen to evoke the holiday spirit and create an enchanting atmosphere.


“Christmas Lodge” received a positive response from both viewers and critics when it premiered in 2011. Its heartwarming story and the nostalgic appeal of a family-owned lodge struck a chord with audiences during the holiday season. The film was praised for its strong performances, especially by Erin Karpluk and Michael Shanks, who brought depth and authenticity to their characters.

Reviewers noted that “Christmas Lodge” successfully captured the magic of Christmas and the importance of family traditions. It was seen as a film that could be enjoyed by viewers of all ages, making it a perfect addition to the holiday watchlist.

While the film did not receive widespread theatrical release, it found a dedicated audience on television and streaming platforms. “Christmas Lodge” has since become a beloved classic, with many viewers making it a yearly tradition to watch during the holiday season.

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“Christmas Lodge” is a heartwarming holiday TV movie that has earned its place among the cherished Christmas classics. With a talented cast, a touching plot, and a cozy production that captures the essence of the holiday season, it continues to warm the hearts of viewers each year. The film’s message of rediscovering the true spirit of Christmas through love, family, and tradition is a timeless one, making “Christmas Lodge Cast” a delightful choice for festive viewing. Whether you’re looking for a film to watch alone or with loved ones, “Christmas Lodge” offers a dose of holiday magic and a reminder of what truly matters during this special time of year.

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