Christmas Keepsake Cast and Character Guide (TV movie)

Christmas Keepsake Cast: Christmas Keepsake is a 2023 Romance TV movie written by Courtney McAllister and directed by Colin Budds. As the wintry winds swept through their backyard, a father and his curious daughter unearthed a forgotten Christmas-themed time capsule. Intrigued by the treasures within, they embarked on a heartwarming journey to uncover the owner’s identity and the stories behind each cherished item. Along the way, the father discovered more than just festive artifacts; he found unexpected connections, and amidst the holiday magic, a chance at love bloomed. As the festive season unfolded, the duo delved into the past, discovering the threads of joy, love, and serendipity that bound their lives with those of the mysterious time capsule owner.

Christmas Keepsake Cast
Christmas Keepsake Cast
Release dateNovember 11, 2023
Running time1H 30M
CountryUnited States
Directed byColin Budds
Written byCourtney McAllister
Produced bySteve Jaggi
Kylie Pascoe
Star castDaniel Lissing
Jillian Murray
Cinematography byShing-Fung Cheung
Editing byCharlotte Cutting
Cast of Christmas Keepsake

Christmas Keepsake Cast

  • Daniel Lissing as Tom
  • Jillian Murray as Elizabeth
  • Ellie Stewart as Grace
  • Elisa James as Opal
  • Emilia Burns as Natalia
  • Lucas Linehan as David


In the quaint town of Ashbury Grove, Project Manager Tom and his spirited 13-year-old daughter, Grace, embarked on an unexpected adventure that would forever change their lives. Having recently moved from Australia, Tom was determined to create the most magical Christmas for Grace in their new American home.

As the snow-covered backyard revealed its secrets, Grace stumbled upon a hidden treasure—an ancient time capsule. Intrigued, father and daughter discovered a guide to the perfect family Christmas within its frosty confines. The mystery led them to the warm and welcoming Elizabeth, owner of the local bakery, who agreed to join them on their quest.

With each step of the guide, Tom and Grace embraced the enchanting spirit of Christmas, creating memories that would last a lifetime. However, for Elizabeth, the festive season brought bittersweet memories of a father lost. United by the magic of the holidays, the trio navigated through the capsule’s checklist, uncovering the true meaning of family and love.

Amidst the twinkling lights and festive decorations, a heartwarming connection blossomed between Tom and Elizabeth. As they delved into old traditions and created new ones, the holiday season became a catalyst for healing, proving that Christmas has the power to mend old wounds and ignite new beginnings.

In the snow-kissed town of Ashbury Grove, love bloomed like a winter rose, reminding everyone that there is no time like Christmas to reveal the treasures of the past and create a future filled with warmth and joy.

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