Cast of Fellow Travelers and Character Guide: (miniseries)

Cast of Fellow Travelers: Fellow Travelers emerges as a captivating American historical romance and political thriller television miniseries, drawing inspiration from Thomas Mallon’s 2007 novel. Headlined by the dynamic duo of Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey, the narrative unfolds against the backdrop of McCarthyism’s tumultuous era in the 1950s. Premiering on October 29, 2023, on Showtime, the series initially took flight on October 27 on Paramount+, setting the stage for an enthralling exploration of a decades-long romance between two men navigating the complex political landscape of the time.

Cast of Fellow Travelers
Fellow Travelers Cast
GenreHistorical romance
Political thriller
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of episodes8
ReleaseOctober 29, 2023 –present
Created byRon Nyswaner
Based onFellow Travelersby Thomas Mallon
Star castMatt Bomer
Jonathan Bailey
Jelani Alladin
Linus Roache
Noah J. Ricketts
Allison Williams
ComposerPaul Leonard-Morgan
Executive producersMatt Bomer
Daniel Minahan
Ron Nyswaner
Robbie Rogers
Dee Johnson
ProducerAnya Leta
CinematographySimon Dennis
Ronald Plante
EditorsChristopher Donaldson
Wendy Hallam Martin
Production companiesBlue Days Films
Off-Season Productions
Fremantle North America
Showtime Networks
Cast of Fellow Travelers

Cast of Fellow Travelers


  • Matt Bomer; as Hawkins Fuller
  • Jonathan Bailey; as Tim Laughlin
  • Jelani Alladin; as Marcus Hooks
  • Linus Roache; as Senator Wesley Smith
  • Noah J. Ricketts; as Frankie Hines
  • Allison Williams; as Lucy Smith

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  • Will Brill; as Roy Cohn
  • Chris Bauer; as Senator Joseph R. McCarthy
  • Erin Neufer; as Mary Johnson
  • Matt Visser; as David Schine
  • Christine Horne; as Jean Kerr
  • Keara Graves; as Miss Addison
  • Jane Moffat; as Helen
  • Chelsea Russell; as Stormé
  • Andy Milne; as Andre, Cozy Corner Pianist
  • Mike Taylor; as Leonard Smith
  • David Tomlinson; as Eddie Kofler

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