Cast of Cabrini (2024 film)

Cast of Cabrini: “Cabrini,” an anticipated American biographical drama directed by Alejandro Gómez Monteverde and penned by Rod Barr, narrates the life of the renowned Roman Catholic missionary and future Saint Francesca Cabrini. Cristiana Dell’Anna takes on the role of Cabrini, depicting her struggles against resistance to her charitable and business initiatives in 19th-century New York City. The film delves into the challenges of sexism and Anti-Italianism faced not only by Cabrini but also by others in the vibrant backdrop of late 19th-century New York City.

Cast of Cabrini
Cast of Cabrini
GenreBiographical Drama
Release dateMarch 8, 2024
CountryUnited States
Directed byAlejandro Monteverde
Screenplay byRod Barr
Story byAlejandro Monteverde
Rod Barr
Produced byJonathan Sanger
Leo Severino
StarringCristiana Dell’Anna
David Morse
Romana Maggiora Vergano
Federico Ielapi
Virginia Bocelli
Rolando Villazón
Giancarlo Giannini
John Lithgow
CinematographyGorka Gómez Andreu
Edited byF. Brian Scofield
Music byGene Back
Francesca Film Production NY
Lupin Film
Lodigiano Film Development Inc.
Distributed byAngel Studios
Cast van Cabrini | Cabrini Cast

Cast of Cabrini

  • Cristiana Dell’Anna as Francesa Cabrini
  • David Morse as Archbishop Corrigan
  • Romana Maggiora Vergano as Vittoria
  • Federico Ielapi as Paolo
  • Virginia Bocelli as Aria
  • Rolando Villazón as DiSalvo
  • Giancarlo Giannini as Pope Leo XIII
  • John Lithgow as Mayor Gould
  • Federico Castelluccio
  • Eugenia Forteza as Sister Umilia

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Cast of Cabrini
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