25 Cariba Heine Movies and TV Shows, Ranked First to Last

Cariba Heine Movies and TV Shows: Cariba Heine, an Australian actress and dancer, has made a mark in the entertainment industry with her diverse roles in movies and TV shows. Known for her portrayal of Rikki Chadwick in the popular series “H2O: Just Add Water,” Heine has showcased her acting prowess in various genres. Her film credits include “Dance Academy: The Movie” and “Blood Brothers.” Heine’s television appearances extend to shows like “Blue Water High” and “A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne.” With a career spanning both the big and small screens, Cariba Heine continues to captivate audiences with her talent and versatility.

Cariba Heine Movies and TV Shows
Cariba Heine Movies and TV Shows
Date of Birth1 October 1988
Age35 years
NationalitySouth African-Australian
ProfessionActress and dancer
First movie/TV showBallistic Sessions (2003)
Last movie/TV showWellmania (2023)
Upcoming movie/TV showN/A
Best movie/TV showWellmania (2023)
Total movies8
Total TV shows17
Cariba Heine Movies and TV Shows

Cariba Heine Movies and TV Shows

Cariba Heine Movies

  • Ballistic Sessions (2003)
    • Role: Amanda (Short film)
  • A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne (2009)
    • Role: Caroline Byrne (TV film)
  • At the Tattooist (2009)
    • Role: Alex (Short film)
  • Blood Brothers (2011)
    • Role: Ellie Carter (TV film)
  • Quietus (2012)
    • Role: Alex (Short film)
  • Bait 3D (2012)
    • Role: Heather (Feature film)
  • How’d I Get In This Field (2016)
    • Role: Ashley (Short film)
  • Rough Sweat (2016)
    • Role: June (Short film)

Cariba Heine TV Shows

  • Strictly Dancing (2005)
    • Role: Herself (Episode: “Heat 12”)
  • H2O: Just Add Water (2006–10)
    • Role: Rikki Chadwick (TV series. 78 episodes)
  • Stupid, Stupid Man (2007)
    • Role: Mindy (TV series, episode: “The Boyfriend”)
  • Blue Water High (2008)
    • Role: Bridget Sanchez (TV series. Season 3, 25 episodes)
  • The Pacific (2009)
    • Role: Phyllis (TV series, episode: “Home”)
  • Dance Academy (2010–13)
    • Role: Isabelle (TV series, 9 episodes)
  • The Future Machine (2010–13)
    • Role: Kate Hill (Web series)
  • Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War (2012)
    • Role: Delvene Delaney (TV miniseries)
  • Friendly Advice (2014)
    • Role: Faith (Web series; 2 episodes)
  • Hiding (2015)
    • Role: Harriet (TV series, 4 episodes)
  • Adopted (2016)
    • Role: Harriet (Web series; episodes: “Music, Virgins, and Prawns”, “Kofi’s Choice”)
  • Mako: Island of Secrets (2016)
    • Role: Rikki Chadwick (TV series, episodes: “The Legend of Jiao Long”, “Homecoming”)
  • Designated Survivor (2017)
    • Role: Peyton Lane (TV series, episodes: “Suckers”, “Two Ships”, “Family Ties”)
  • Home and Away (2018)
    • Role: Ebony Harding (TV series)
  • The Secrets She Keeps (2020)
    • Role: Grace (TV series, 6 episodes)
  • Everyone Is Doing Great (2021)
    • Role: Isabella Baker (TV series, 6 episodes)
  • Wellmania (2023)
    • Role: Goldie (TV series, episode: “Carpe That Diem”)

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Cariba Heine Movies and TV Shows
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