Behind the Green Door Cast and Character Guide: (film 1972)

Behind the Green Door Cast: Behind the Green Door is a landmark adult film released in 1972, directed by the Mitchell Brothers, Jim and Artie, and starring Marilyn Chambers in her breakthrough role. This film holds a unique place in cinematic history due to its significant impact on the adult entertainment industry, pushing boundaries in terms of explicit content and challenging societal norms. In this comprehensive review, we will explore various aspects of this controversial classic, including its cast, plot, production, reception, and its lasting influence on the world of cinema.

Behind the Green Door Cast
Behind the Green Door Cast

Behind the Green Door Cast

  • Marilyn Chambers as Gloria
  • George S. McDonald as Barry Clark
  • Johnnie Keyes as African Stud
  • Elizabeth Knowles as Matron(as Lisa Grant)
  • Yank Levine as Dudley
  • Toni Attell as Mime(as Toad Attell)
  • Ben Davidson as Doorman
  • Adrienne Mitchell as Waitress
  • Dana Fuller as Cook
  • Dale Meador as Hotel Clerk(as Dale Meade)
  • Jim Mitchell as First Kidnapper(as James Mitchell)
  • Artie Mitchell as Second Kidnapper(as Art Mitchell)
  • Mike Bradford as Parking Lot Attendant
  • Tony Royale as Guard
  • Bunny Brody as Female Attendant
  • Barbara Bryan as Female Attendant
  • Bernice Mayo as Female Attendant
  • Kandi Johnson as Female Attendant
  • Marilyn Chambers as Gloria Saunders: Marilyn Chambers, a former Ivory Snow model, took on the role of Gloria Saunders, a young woman who finds herself embroiled in an unconventional and secretive world.
  • Johnnie Keyes as Johnnie: Johnnie Keyes portrayed Johnnie, Gloria’s partner in her journey behind the green door. He played a pivotal role in the film’s explicit scenes and became one of the first African-American actors to gain recognition in the adult film industry.

Supporting Cast: The film featured a supporting cast of lesser-known actors, many of whom were involved in the adult film industry.


“Behind the Green Door” opens with an eerie and surreal sequence as a woman (Marilyn Chambers) is kidnapped and taken to a mysterious and exclusive club with a green door. Inside the club, the patrons engage in various sexual acts, forming the core of the film’s explicit content.

Gloria Saunders, the film’s protagonist, is introduced to this world as she is brought to the club against her will. The audience is gradually exposed to her inner turmoil as she navigates the unfamiliar environment, initially resisting the advances of the club’s members.

As the film progresses, Gloria becomes increasingly involved in the club’s activities, willingly participating in various sexual encounters. Her transformation from a reluctant participant to an enthusiastic one raises questions about consent and agency, central themes that add depth to the narrative.


The Mitchell Brothers: “Behind the Green Door” was directed by the Mitchell Brothers, Jim and Artie, known for their pioneering work in the adult film industry. They were responsible for pushing the boundaries of erotic cinema, and this film was no exception.

Marilyn Chambers: Marilyn Chambers, a relatively unknown actress at the time, was cast as the lead due to her fresh face and alluring presence. Her involvement in the film was groundbreaking, as she transitioned from mainstream modeling to explicit adult cinema.

Innovative Filming Techniques: The film employed innovative techniques for its time, including split-screen sequences and creative lighting, to capture the explicit scenes with a more artistic flair.

Soundtrack: “Behind the Green Door” featured an eclectic soundtrack that enhanced the film’s atmosphere, composed by Artie’s wife, Hunter S. Thompson’s widow, and many others.

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Behind the Green Door Cast” stands as a controversial classic, pushing the boundaries of cinematic artistry and the adult film genre. Its enduring legacy is marked by its innovative production techniques, legal battles, and the transformation of Marilyn Chambers into a household name. While the film remains polarizing, it undeniably played a pivotal role in challenging societal norms and expanding the possibilities of adult cinema.

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