Cast of Anne (turkish tv series) (2016)

Anne Turkish TV Series Cast: “Anne,” a Turkish TV series that premiered in 2016, is a poignant drama that explores the complexities of motherhood, redemption, and the enduring power of love. Created by Hande Altaylı and produced by Med Yapım, this show quickly gained popularity for its emotionally charged storytelling and exceptional performances. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into various aspects of “Anne,” including its cast, plot, production, reception, and a concluding reflection on its impact.

Anne Turkish TV Series Cast
Anne Turkish TV Series Cast
Also known asMother
Country of originTurkey
Original languageTurkish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes33 (85 International Version)
Duration2 hours
Original networkStar TV
Original releaseOctober 25, 2016 – June 20, 2017
Based onMother by Yuji Sakamoto
WriterBerfu Ergenekon
DirectorsMerve Girgin Aytekin
Emre Kabakuşak
Star castCansu Dere
Vahide Perçin
Beren Gökyıldız
Theme music composerCem Tuncer
Ercüment Orkut
Nail Yurtsever
ProducersFaruk Bayhan Fatih Aksoy
Production companiesMed Yapım
MF Yapım
cast of anne (turkish tv series)

Anne Turkish TV Series Cast

The success of “Anne Cast” is significantly attributed to its talented ensemble cast, who brought the characters to life with their remarkable performances:

  • Cansu Dere as Zeynep Güneş: The protagonist of the series, Zeynep, is a loving mother who faces numerous challenges in her life.
  • Vahide Perçin as Gönül Aslan / Sakar Teyze: Playing the role of Zeynep’s mother, Aslan, Vahide Perçin delivers a powerful performance as a complex character with a troubled past.
  • Beren Gökyıldız as Melek Akçay / Turna Güneş: Beren Gökyıldız portrays Melek, Zeynep’s autistic daughter, with exceptional sensitivity and authenticity.
  • Gonca Vuslateri as Şule Akçay: Gonca Vuslateri’s portrayal of Şule adds depth to the series as a supporting character with her own set of challenges.
  • Serhat Teoman as Sinan Demir: Serhat Teoman brings charisma and charm to his role as Sinan, who becomes an important figure in Zeynep’s life.
  • Berkay Ateş as Cengiz Yıldız
  • Gülenay Kalkan as Cahide Güneş
  • Can Nergis as Ali Arhan
  • Şükrü Türen as Arif
  • Alize Gördüm as Gamze Güneş
  • Ahsen Eroğlu as Duru Güneş
  • Umut Yiğit Vanlı as Sarp
  • Onur Dikmen as Rıfat
  • Erdi Bolat as Ramo
  • Ali Süreyya as Mert
  • Meral Çetinkaya as Mrs. Zeynep Aslan
  • Zuhal Gencer Erkaya as Saniye
  • Arzu Oruç as Dilara
  • Ayşegül İşsever as Serap


“Anne” revolves around Zeynep Güneş, a single mother who is devoted to her autistic daughter, Melek. Despite facing numerous hardships, Zeynep’s life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Ali Karahan, a wealthy businessman. The series explores the challenges of raising an autistic child, the complexities of relationships, and the indomitable spirit of motherhood.

The plot delves into Melek’s journey as she faces discrimination and societal biases due to her condition. Zeynep’s determination to provide her daughter with a normal life leads her to cross paths with Ali, who eventually becomes a pillar of support for both Zeynep and Melek.

Throughout the series, “Anne” grapples with themes of love, sacrifice, and redemption. It also addresses societal issues such as autism awareness and inclusion, shedding light on the struggles of families dealing with special needs children.


“Anne” boasts high production values, evident in its well-crafted storytelling, cinematography, and attention to detail. The series is known for its evocative soundtrack, which enhances the emotional depth of the narrative. The picturesque Istanbul backdrop adds to the show’s visual appeal.

The writing and direction of “Anne” are laudable, capturing the intricacies of human relationships and the challenges faced by characters. The show’s ability to blend drama, romance, and social commentary demonstrates the creativity and skill of its production team.


“Anne” received widespread acclaim from both critics and viewers for its compelling narrative and exceptional performances. The series struck a chord with audiences for its portrayal of the challenges faced by parents of autistic children and the enduring power of maternal love.

Critics praised the cast’s stellar performances, particularly Cansu Dere and Beren Gökyıldız, who received accolades for their portrayal of Zeynep and Melek. The series was commended for its sensitive treatment of autism and its ability to raise awareness about the condition.

“Anne” also garnered a loyal fan base, with viewers emotionally invested in the characters’ journeys. The show’s ability to evoke empathy and understanding for its characters’ struggles contributed to its popularity.

The series won several awards, including Best Drama Series and Best Actress for Cansu Dere at the Golden Orange Awards, showcasing its critical and commercial success.

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In conclusion, “Anne” stands as a remarkable Turkish TV series that resonated with audiences due to its touching portrayal of motherhood, redemption, and the challenges faced by families of children with autism. The stellar cast, compelling plot, and high production quality contributed to its immense success.

“Anne” not only entertained but also educated viewers about the importance of understanding and inclusion for individuals with special needs. It served as a catalyst for discussions on autism awareness and the struggles faced by parents of autistic children.

This TV series is a testament to the power of storytelling in fostering empathy and understanding. It reminds us that love and determination can triumph over adversity, making “Anne Turkish TV Series Cast” a timeless tale of human resilience and the enduring bond between mother and child.

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