All Saints Cast and Character Guide: (TV Series 1998)

All Saints Cast: All Saints, a beloved Australian medical drama series, premiered in 1998 and captured the hearts of viewers with its compelling stories, talented cast, and realistic portrayal of life in a busy hospital. This article provides a detailed look at the show, including its cast, plot, production, reception, and a concluding reflection on its impact and legacy.

All Saints Cast
All Saints Cast
GenreMedical drama
Country of originAustralia
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons12
No. of episodes493 (list of episodes)
Duration45 minutes
Original networkSeven Network
Original release24 February 1998 – 27 October 2009
CreatorBevan Lee
DeveloperJo Porter
Star castGeorgie Parker
Tammy Macintosh
ComposerMatteo Zingales
Executive producerJohn Holmes
ProducersJo Porter (seasons 1–4)
Di Drew (seasons 5–7)
Jo Porter (seasons 7–8) MaryAnne Carroll (seasons 8–10) Bill Hughes (seasons 11–12)
Production companiesSeven Network Operations Limited
Red Heart Entertainment
All Saints Cast

All Saints Cast

The success of “All Saints” can be attributed, in no small part, to its talented and diverse cast. The ensemble cast featured a mix of experienced actors and newcomers who breathed life into the characters, making them relatable and endearing to the audience.

Main cast

  • Georgie Parker — Terri Sullivan
  • Tammy Macintosh — Charlotte Beaumont
  • Jeremy Cumpston — Connor Costello
  • Sam Healy — Jaz Hillerman
  • Martin Lynes — Luke Forlano
  • Judith McGrath — Von Ryan
  • Andrew McKaige — Peter Morrison
  • Libby Tanner — Bronwyn Craig
  • Ben Tari — Jared Levine
  • Kirrily White — Stephanie Markham
  • Brian Vriend — Ben Markham
  • Erik Thomson — Mitch Stevens
  • Conrad Coleby — Scott Zinenko
  • Jenni Baird — Paula Morgan
  • Paul Tassone — Nelson Curtis
  • Christopher Gabardi — Vincent Hughes
  • John Howard — Frank Campion
  • Wil Traval — Jack Quade
  • Natalie Saleeba — Jessica Singelton
  • Alexandra Davies — Cate McMasters
  • Mark Priestley — Dan Goldman
  • Chris Vance — Sean Everleigh
  • Andrew Supanz — Bartholomew West
  • Jolene Anderson — Erica Templeton
  • John Waters — Mike Vlasek
  • Virginia Gay — Gabrielle Jaegar
  • Allison Cratchley — Zoe Gallagher
  • Jack Campbell — Steve Taylor
  • Kip Gamblin — Adam Rossi
  • Ella Scott Lynch — Claire Anderson
  • Alix Bidstrup — Amy Fielding
  • Mirrah Foulkes — Jo Mathieson

Recurring cast

  • Elizabeth Maywald — Sophie Williams
  • Kim Hillas — Joan Marden
  • Michael Angus — John Ahearn
  • John Noble — John Madsen
  • Justine Clarke — Samantha O’Hara
  • Damon Herriman — Danny Bucknell
  • Rod Mullinar — Prof. Richard Craig
  • Robert Coleby — Prof. Richard Craig
  • Jake Blundell — Tony Hurst
  • Celia Ireland — Regina Butcher
  • Joy Smithers — Rose Carlton Stevens
  • Ling-Hsueh Tang — Kylie Preece
  • Kim De Lury — Mick Todd
  • Sarah Vassallo — A&E Nurse Stella
  • Pia Miranda — Brittany Finlay
  • Belinda Emmett — Jodi Horner
  • Emma Jane Fowler — Vicky Dernakov
  • Natasha Beaumont — Rebecca Green
  • Josh Quong Tart — Matt Horner
  • Rochelle Whyte — Cara Windom
  • Chris Haywood — Peter Buchanan
  • Rebecca Massey — Various
  • Troy Planet — Dennis Poole
  • Alan Flower — Morris the Florist
  • Rachel McNamara — Frances Regan
  • Fletcher Humphrys — Alex Kearns
  • Henry Nixon — Sterling McCormack
  • Liz Alexander — Alison Newell
  • Anne Looby — Julia Archer
  • Grant Bowler — Nigel “Mac” MacPherson
  • Jaime Mears — Kerry Lytton
  • Peter Phelps — Doug Spencer
  • Sibylla Budd — Deanna Richardson
  • Nicole da Silva — Sasha Fernandez
  • Panda Likoudis — Bryce the Ambo
  • Guy Edmonds — Stuart Mapleston
  • Wendy Strehlow — Lorraine Tanner
  • Douglas Hansell — Aaron Roth
  • Celeste Barber — Bree Matthews
  • Alexandra Fowler — Eve Ballantyne
  • Jacinta Stapleton — Jo Henderson
  • Mike Smith — Heath Velaga
  • Renee Lim — Suzi Lau
  • Petra Yared — Rhiannon Wilson
  • Donald Sword — Crewman Paul
  • Ben Wood — Troy Sanders
  • Jonathan Wood — Elliott ParkerParker

Guest cast

  • Kimberley Joseph — Grace Connelly
  • Anna Hruby — Sandra Connelly / Nicole Templeton / Bridget Mortimer
  • Michael Caton — Bob Parker
  • Pia Miranda — Brittany Finlay
  • Melissa Tkautz — Andrea Stuart
  • Lucy Bell — Sonia Moore / Marie Booth
  • Robyn Forsythe — Jacqueline Cahill / Collette Pullman
  • Roy Billing — Murray Blackwood / Barry Croft / Darryl Hornby
  • John Adam — Tom Snowden
  • Robert Coleby — Professor Richard Craig
  • Lynette Curran — Hilary Doyle / Anita Petrakis / Harriet ‘Hatty’ Bell
  • Penny Cook — Rhonda Goldman
  • Damian Rice — Nick Adams / Lindsay Farlow


Primarily revolved around the daily lives of the staff at the fictional All Saints Western General Hospital. The show skillfully blended medical drama with personal and professional challenges faced by the characters. Some key elements of the plot included:

Medical Cases: Each episode featured a mix of medical cases that ranged from routine to complex, highlighting the challenges and ethical dilemmas faced by healthcare professionals.

Character Relationships: The series explored the personal lives and relationships of the characters, including romantic entanglements, friendships, and conflicts, adding depth to their stories.

Ethical Dilemmas: “All Saints” often delved into ethical dilemmas, such as end-of-life decisions, patient confidentiality, and the balance between professional and personal responsibilities.

Workplace Dynamics: The show depicted the dynamics within the hospital, including power struggles, teamwork, and the emotional toll of working in a high-stress environment.


The production of “All Saints” was a collaborative effort that brought together talented writers, directors, and crew members to create a realistic and engaging medical drama.

Created by: The series was created by Bevan Lee, who infused it with authentic medical details and compelling storylines.

Filming Locations: “All Saints” was primarily filmed at Channel 7’s studios in Sydney, Australia, giving it an authentic Australian feel.

Realism: The show’s commitment to medical realism was evident through consultations with medical professionals to ensure accurate portrayal of medical procedures and terminology.

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Remains a significant part of Australian television history, leaving a lasting impact on viewers and the industry. Its portrayal of medical professionals’ challenges and ethical dilemmas, coupled with the compelling character-driven stories, made it a beloved and enduring series. The talented cast, meticulous production, and critical acclaim all contributed to its success, ensuring that “All Saints Cast” continues to be remembered and cherished by fans long after its conclusion.

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