A Case for Love Cast and Character Guide (film)

A Case for Love Cast: “Embark on a profound exploration into the transformative impact of Bishop Michael Curry’s teachings on unconditional, sacrificial love as they ripple through the tapestry of our wider community. This investigative journey delves into the real-world application of Bishop Curry’s inspirational philosophy, unraveling stories of compassion and connection that transcend boundaries.

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Through exclusive interviews with well-known personalities and everyday individuals, witness firsthand accounts of how love as preached by Bishop Curry becomes a guiding force in diverse lives. From the spotlight of celebrity to the heart of the common person, discover the common thread of love weaving its way through our shared human experience. This exploration promises to be a testament to the enduring power of love to bridge gaps, foster understanding, and inspire positive change in the world.”

A Case for Love Cast
A Case for Love Cast
DirectorBrian Ide
WritersColleen Baker
Brian Ide
Karen Ide
Star castMichael Curry
Sam Waterston
Al Roker

A Case for Love Cast

  • Michael Curry; as Self
  • Sam Waterston; as Self
  • Al Roker; as Self
  • Jon Meacham; as Self
  • Pete Buttigieg; as Self
  • James Clyburn; as Self
  • Kelly Brown Douglas; as Self
  • Kristin Anne Curi
  • Young Sheila
  • Alberto CutiĆ©; as Self
  • Shoshana Conover; as Self
  • Mohammed Elsanousi; as Self
  • Yehiel Poupko; as Self
  • Carrie Sheffield; as Self
  • John Danforth; as Self
  • Becca Stevens; as Self
  • Russell Moore; as Self

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